Resident Evil 7 Out Before Dessert Trophy Guide - Happy Birthday Videotape in 5 Minutes

Out Before Dessert is a Trophy/Achievement you can get in Resident Evil 7 if you complete the Happy Birthday videotape sequence under five minutes. You find the videotape in the main house, above the kids room and once you watch it the videotape sequence will start. The goal is for you to solve a puzzle with water preventing you to put the lit candle onto the kids’ birthday cake, which is the main goal of the sequence. In your initial attempt it will probably take much longer than five minutes to figure out how to get the code for the locked door to get all the missing parts of the clown mannequin. Following the steps described in this guide you should be able to do all that under five minutes. Just make sure you make haste while doing each.

Happy Birthday Videotape in 5 mins resident evil 7
Resident Evil 7 – Out Before Dessert Trophy Guide – Happy Birthday Videotape in 5 Minutes

How to get the lit candle onto the birthday cake

The moment the videotape sequence starts the timer is ticking. Once the initial cutscene stops you will be in the room with the clown mannequin. Do the following:
  1. Get the lit candle from the mannequin’s hand
  2. Go outside and into the room to your left (where the birthday cake is) and water will turn off the candle
  3. Pick up the mannequin’s Winding Key from the barrel on the table
  4. There’s a locker on the wall with a combination that you can figure out by using a lens you find in the toilet and looking through it at the TVs in this room, but you should just use the following combination and save some time: Hanging man/Bird on top of a bell/fetus
  5. Pick up the straw doll from the locker
  6. Go outside the room and to the stove – interact with it to turn it on
  7. From your inventory pick the straw doll and interact with the stove to burn it and reveal the mannequin’s finger
  8. Light the candle on the stove (important)
  9. Go to the door in the back of the room with the stove and burn the rope keeping the door closed.
  10. Inside you’ll find a bunch of balloons. Pop them until, in the back of the room, you’ll find a deflated yellow balloon that you can pick up.
  11. Take the deflated balloon back to the room with the stove. Right of the stove there’s a gas venting pipe. Use the balloon from your inventory on it.
  12. After the cutscene you will get the mannequin’s quill
  13. Go back to the room where the sequence started and put the finger on the mannequin first. Then put the quill into its hand and finally put the winding key in its belly and interact with it.
  14. After that’s done run back to the room with the balloons and use the code LOSER on the locked door.
  15. Inside the locked room you’ll find a valve that you should take back into the room with the cake.
  16. There’s a water pipe there with a place where you can put in the valve. Do so and use it to turn off the water
  17. Run to the stove to light the candle back on and put the candle into the cake.
Out Before Dessert Trophy locker combination resident evil 7
Above shown combination unlocks the locker in the cake room.

If you managed to follow all these steps and do it quickly you will easily do everything under five minutes and get the Out Before Dessert achievement. If not, at least you now know how to finish the Happy Birthday videotape sequence in Resident Evil 7 without wondering what the correct sequence of steps is and wasting too much time on it.If you are still having trouble please feel free to check out this video showing you how to do the achievement

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  1. K
    Kevin Huddleston

    I did everything you said and still no trophy. Do you have so many trys?
    There’s also two versions of this, Clancys version and Ethans version. Which version?
    Do you have to do everything the right way with everything or can we cheat to make it easier to do it under 5 minutes?

    1. K

      No man it’s in the video recording. I just did it, took me like 3 trys to get it. Says 5 minutes or less but I think it counts the time of the first video sequence where he’s dragging you in. So really it’s like 4 minutes or less. You’ll have to cheat and solve that 3 symbol puzzle where the cake is when you first get going, don’t even worry about grabbing that telescope thingy. Goodluck!

  2. T

    I was burned to death after taking the keg winding Key out ,letting the oil spill and exploding when I bring the lit candle into the room . I know the password ‘loser’ now so I can avoid the clown and keg key so I won’t get blown up again. The only problem is that the lock will NOT take the ‘loser’ password. I read you must wait 30-45 minutes to play again after getting burned up before being able to play without removing the keg key. Anyone know how I can get the lock to accept the password? Waiting 30 minutes sounds a little strange. Why do some say you CAN get through this level if you take the keg key out? I’ve blown up for days now. HELP!

    1. S
      Smarter Timothy

      You cannot do it without pulling the keg key.

    2. R

      There are some differences between the VCR tape version and when you do the puzzles as Ethan later. In the VCR tape version, you are not allowed to use the LOSER password without finding it yourself, and this means removing the winding key and dying at the end. It still counts as completing the video tape, and if you do it within 5 minutes, you get the trophy. When you are doing the puzzles as Ethan, you *are* allowed to use the LOSER password directly, allowing you to survive, but this doesn’t give you the trophy since it’s tied to the VCR tape.

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