Resident Evil 7 Albert Wesker Files Possibly Found

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has been the talk of horror-own lately. The trailers and demos we’ve seen so far pose quite the mystery. The game is keeping its cards very close to the chest and creating a massive buzz. Naturally, dataminers have been digging through the game’s code, and have uncovered some very interesting stuff. Most notably, there seem to be hints of Albert Wesker, the main Resident Evil antagonist. Here’s what they’ve found about Albert Wesker in RE7 files.

Resident Evil 7 Albert Wesker Files Possibly Found
Resident Evil 7 Albert Wesker Files Possibly Found

Albert Wesker Resident Evil 7 Files

If you take a look at this RE 7 thread on NeoGAF, you’ll find a huge amount of data leaked thanks to dataminers. There’s NPCs, weapons, areas, chapter events, the list goes on. Capcom officials have stated that they’ve gone to great lengths to prevent such leaks.

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As if you can hide anything from the Internet. None of the leaked info is confirmed, however, so it could turn out to be a red herring.

Hidden in the code is the tag Albert. This could point to Wesker, since he’s the only RE character to bear that name. True, he was supposedly killed of in Ressie 5, and doesn’t appear in 6. However, his voice appears in Umbrella Corps, which takes place after Resident Evil 6. Besides, Wesker has always been the Michael Myers of the series. No matter how many times we killed him, he always came back, like an unstoppable force of nature.

There is a catch, however. Dataminers note that only guns tagged Albert appear in the game’s code. “Handgun_Albert_Reward” and ”Shotgun_Albert” might turn out to be just weapons; they won’t necessarily belog to the man himself. Tags like “LastBossGetAlbert” are inconclusive, as well. Seemingly, they point to an item we might get after defeating some final boss. These items, however, might also give hints as to what Wesker has been up to off-screen.

So far, the Baker family are the only confirmed villains in Resident Evil 7. But, how cool would it be if Wesker popped up out of nowhere?

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