Nier: Automata Demo Free on PS4

Nier: Automata Demo is free on PS4 as of today, December 22nd 2016. This demo is 4,72 GB heavy. To download it, go to the Play Station Store> Games> Demo. Click on Nier: Automata and the download button. It will start downloading the game automatically. If you don’t see the game on the Demo section of the Game page, it means that the store in your region might not be updated yet.

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Nier Automata Free Demo
Nier: Automata – Free Demo

The audio for this Demo is in Japanese and English. You can turn on subtitles for German, Japanese, English, Italian, French and Spanish.

If you’ve missed the Nier: Automata news, there are a couple of trailers out already. You can catch up to the story and all other important things on their official page.

Nier: Automata is being developed by Platinum Games and will be published by Square Enix. The focus of the game is on action, with a lot of roleplaying elements, all in an open-world environment. This game is somehow a sequel of its successor, Nier. Many staff members from the original game are also working for this title.

Nier: Automata has been in production since the 2014. Platinum Games started working on it later on. They are a Japanese video game development company. Some of the games they’ve worked on are: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2, Mad World, Scalebound and more.

Nier: Automata Description

Join androids 2b and 9s and their ferocious battle to reclaim a machine-driven dystopia overrun by powerful machine lifeforms. Experience a glimpse of the action-packed and high-speed battles rendered in fluid 60fps, against hordes of enemies within a beautifully desolated open-world. Nier: Automata is a fresh take on the action role-playing game (RPG) genre that gracefully blends mesmerizing action with a captivating story.

Nier: Automata will be released on PlayStation 4 and PC. In Japan, the PS4 version will launch on February 23rd. North America will have to wait until March 7th, while Europe and Australia will get it on March 10th. The release date for the PC version remains unknown.

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