Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Antique Coin Locations - Pelicans in Your Pocket Trophy

Antique coins are a kind of collectible in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. The coins seem to be made of bronze, and they feature a pelican in flight, encircled by a wreath. There are eighteen of them in total, and collecting them all will unlock the Pelicans in Your Pocket achievement. If you do it on the hardest difficulty setting, you’ll need to find even more, but you’ll get the Mad Pelicans trophy. Thanks to their size, they can be a bit hard to find. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Resident Evil 7 Antique Coin locations, to help you get the trophies.

resident evil 7 antique coin locations
RE7 Antique Coin locations

Where to find Antique Coins in RE7: Biohazard

UPDATE: You’ll find the first coin after you jump through the hatch when Jack chases you for the first time. It’s on the red lawn mower in the crawlspace under the house. The second one is in the northern part of the main hall, in a small drawer.

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Once you’re in the recreation room on the second floor, you’ll find one next to the Mr.Everywhere statue, in the northeast corner of the room, by the pool table. Another one is in the second floor bathroom, right in the toilet bowl.

When you open the secret passage behind the eagle picture in the main hall, follow it to the drawing room. Go through the white door and you’ll find a coin in the ashtray on the table. After you go into the old house, follow the passage to leading into the basement. You’ll find a coin on a cart to your left.

The seventh coin is located in the trailer in the yard, in front of the main house. Once you enter, turn left and go to the table next to the TV. The coin will be there, by the cage with the Magnum.

Once you’re out the back of the old house, you’ll see a small shed in the north. You’ll need the crank from before if you want to reach it. Inside, you’ll find the 8th coin on the toilet. When you get to the second floor of the old house, you’ll reach a puzzle with a lantern scale. Turn around and rummage through the drawer in the opposite corner of the room. The 9th coin will be there.

When you enter the testing area, there will be a long hallway before you get to the barn. There’s a storage room at the end of that hallway. You’ll find the coin inside, in a drawer of a green table. Watch out for the booby traps.

Another one can be found on the second floor of the testing area. While you’re chasing after Lucas, you’ll go through a hallway with a burned corpse in a chair. As soon as you enter the next room, turn right and check the far end of the lower shelf. The coin will be there.

Soon after you enter the wrecked ship, you’ll find two ghosts talking. Jump through the trapdoor next to them. There will be a coin in the dead end on the left. It’s on the floor, and it’s quite easy to miss.

You’ll need a lockpick for this one. You can get it from the shaft on the second floor (the door next to the safe box in the east). Climb up the ladder and look inside the orange box. Now go to the control room on the third floor and open the box on the counter. You’ll find the coin inside.

This one is in the last part of the wrecked ship. After you exit the large room with the stairs (and the dead technician), you’ll enter a narrow, winding hallway. As soon as you go down the stairs, you’ll see a safe box. Use the corrosive on it, and you’ll find the coin inside.

ORIGINAL TEXT: You’ll encounter bird cages at various places in the game. If you offer the pelican coins to these cages, they’ll provide you with weapon upgrades in return. Since ammo is scarce, you should never turn down an opportunity to get more bang for your pelican buck. This makes them valuable even without going for the achievement. There’s only so few of them, which means you won’t be able to upgrade your arsenal much. Still, a few upgrades are better than no upgrades.

There are two trophies related to these coins – one for collecting them on Normal or Easy difficulty, one for getting them on Madhouse. The reason for this is that there are another 15 coins to be collected on the hardest setting. This opens up a lot more possibilities when it comes to upgrading your arsenal (almost double), but the increased difficulty compensates for that.

The coins are often hidden inside containers, like drawers, boxes and chests. You should definitely check everything that looks like a container to see if you can interact with it. When they’re out in the open, you’ll be able to spot them by the light reflecting off their surface.

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    A visitor

    This guide is missing a few coins. There’s one in the GUEST HOUSE (where you start the game): pick up the VHS tape and play it, as soon as you get control of your character, turn around (don’t approach the house, yet), search on the ground and you should come across a lockpick, get it and use it to open the locked drawer in the house’s kitchen – the drawer holds a photo in the past, but once you’re back to controlling the protagonist, that same drawer will have the very first Antique Coin of the game inside of it

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    There is one in the processing area hidden behind a wooden palet on the wall. As soon as u go donwn the stairs take a right go threw the door an straight to the wall there will be a pallet push it an a hole in the wall as the coin

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