Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Trophy / Achievement list

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a horror game. You play as Ethan Winters, a man looking for his missing wife on the Baker estate. Things take a turn for the macabre, and you have to escape, defend yourself from monsters and discover the secrets of the Baker family. The game comes with a few dozen achievements. They’re obtainable by killing enemies a certain way, finding collectibles, completing important story beats and doing other, more specific actions. In this guide, we’re going to show you a list of all Resident Evil 7 achievements / trophies and how to unlock them.

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resident evil 7 biohazard trophy list
Resident Evil 7 Trophy / Achievement List

Note: There are 11 hidden trophies / achievements, we’ll update the list as soon as we unlock them.

BiospaltteredUnlock all trophiesPlatinum
She’s AliveTravel to LouisianaBronze
Playing it SafeComplete the game on EasyBronze
The Nightmare’s Finally overComplete the game on NormalBronze
Who’s Your Daddy NowComplete the game on MadhouseSilver
Behind Closed DoorsClose an open door by yourselfBronze
Arms in the AirBlock an enemy attack by guardingBronze
A-ha!Obtain something by closely examining an itemBronze
Master of UnlockingUse a lock pick to open somethingBronze
Nice TryPut an unrealated object on a shadow plinth.Bronze
Open your EyesUse psychostimulantsBronze
In the BagIncrease your item slotsBronze
Things Got PersonalFinish off an enemy with a knifeBronze
Slash Slash, Slashity Slash!Clear insects off a door using a knife.Bronze
Less is MoreTake down two or more enemies with one shot.Silver
That’s a Spicy Meat-a-ballKill an enemy by attaching a Remote Bomb to them and detonating it.Bronze
1st Place at the Science FairCreate all items that contain Chem Fluid and Strong Chem Fluid.Bronze
Can’t Catch MeComplete the "Mia" videotape without being spotted by Marguerite.Bronze
Out Before DessertComplete the "Happy Birthday" videotape within 5 minutes.Silver
Be Kind, Please RewindWatch all the videotapes in a single playthrough.Bronze
Pelicans in Your PocketObtain all of the Antique Coins in Easy or Normal difficulty.Silver
Mad PelicansObtain all of the Antique Coins in Madhouse difficulty.Silver
The Devil Is in the DetailsRead all of the files in a single playthrough.Silver
He’s Here, There, EverywhereDestroy a Mr. Everywhere statuette.Bronze
Mr. NowhereDestroy all Mr. Everywhere statuettes.Silver
Just Get Me Outta HereComplete the game within 4 hoursGold
Resource ManagerComplete the game without opening the Item Box more than 3 times.Gold
Walk it OffComplete the game using only 3 First Aid Meds or less.Gold

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    Thanks for this post.. Really gonna love this game.

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    Some of the hidden trophies which I’ve acquired include: The two ending trophies both of which are silver rarity. You get these trophies by choosing one of two endings. A Silver rarity trophy called back off Ms.B in which you damage Marguerite enough in the old house she runs away. Fly Swatter Silver where you fight mutated Marge and knock her out while she’s leaping towards you. That’s all I’ve seen so far

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