Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Banned Footage DLC Trailer Released

The first Resident Evil 7 DLC, called “Banned Footage Vol. 1” is out, only a week after the release of the game. PlayStation players are the first to enjoy it, while everyone else will get it later on. Deluxe Edition and Season Pass ($29.99) holders have the DLC as part of their purchase, as well as an additional story episode with more details to come.

You can get a glimpse of all the activities in the Banned Footage trailer. Also, sometime during spring, everyone will get a free piece of content called “Not a Hero”. It will allow players to experience a completely new story-line, different from Ethan’s drama from the main game.

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Banned Footage Vol. 1 Details

The first dlc is available for PS4 players from January 31st, while Xbox One and PC users have to wait until February 21st. If you buy it separately, the price is $9.99 (£7.99/€9.99). Here’s what you can expect to play in Banned Footage Vol.1:

  1. Bedroom – In this episode, you have to escape from a bedroom turned into a prison cell. Find a way to escape the house without being noticed by Marguerite. This is an episode full of puzzle-solving sequences. We’ve done the full Bedroom Footage Guide, if you are stuck somewhere.
  2. Nightmare – This is a horde or survival mode, where you have to fight off waves of enemies until the morning. The confined basement space of the main house and the rushing enemies will not help you in the struggle for your life.
  3. Ethan Must Die – This extra game mode offers a challenge of completing objectives while faced with deadly enemies in a remade version of the Baker mansion. Scarce supplies and no auto saves make this the ultimate challenge. This extra game mode does not support PlayStation VR.

Banned Footage Vol. 2 Details

Only a week after the first volume, on February 14th, PS4 players will get to play the second DLC. Others will once again have to wait until February 21st. The price for Vol. 2 is $14.99 ($14.99/£11.99). The full contents of the second Volume are:

Banned Footage DLC Daughters Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
  1. 21 – The episode where you gamble with your life in a sick game created by the Bakers’ son Lucas. You’d better be lucky at cards, because each time you lose, you’ll be giving up something a lot more valuable than money…
  2. Daughters – This episode offers new insight into the people the Bakers used to be. You can experience the events that led to the Bakers’ misfortune.
  3. Jack’s 55th Birthday – A mode similar to the Vol.1 Nightmare. In it, you’ll race against time to make Jack’s birthday happy, by fighting off enemies and finding enough food. Serve Daddy a ton of treats for his special celebration. This extra game mode will not support PlayStation VR.

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    Will the dlc offer a free pass to play with out having to buy it?

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      No, you need the Season Pass.

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