Resident Evil 7 Dissection Room Key Location - Incinerator puzzle solution

Dissection room key is one of the special items in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. It’s a keyring with a key that will allow you to enter the dissection room in the basement of the main house. There, you’ll get to fight Jack for the second time, and get the last piece of the puzzle that will let you out into the yard. The key is guarded by a puzzle that can pose a problem for some. This guide will show you the Resident Evil 7 dissection key location, how to solve the incinerator room puzzle.

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resident evil 7 dissection room key location
RE7 dissection room key

Incinerator room puzzle solution

The key is hidden in the incinerator room, right there in the processing area. It’s locked behind a puzzle, and there’s a note on the wall that hints at the solution. If you can’t be bothered to figure it out, here’s what you need to do: simply open the drawer with the red handprint, and the one all the way on the right. These two are the only ones without name tags.

This will trigger the leftmost drawer’s locking mechanism. It will open, revealing a molded inside. You don’t need to fight it – simply draw it into another room, then run back and grab the key that was under it. You don’t even have to lead the monster too far away – they’re powerless against doors, so getting it outside and closing the door will do the trick.

Once you’ve got it, you can finally enter the dissection room, which is where you’ll find the red dog’s head. This is the last piece of the key you need to escape the main house. You’ll have to kill Jack again, though, and this time, he’ll give you a bit more trouble than the first time.

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