Resident Evil 7 Dog Head Locations - How to exit the main house

Dog heads are special keys in Resident Evil 7. There are three of them – red, white and blue. They’re used for opening a door in the main hall, which leads outside the main house, into the yard. Getting the heads will be the first real problem many players encounter in RE7. They’re a bit far apart, and only one is actually impossible to miss. In this guide, we’re going to show you Resident Evil 7 dog head locations, to help you leave the main house.

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resident evil 7 dog head locations
Resident Evil 7 Dog Head Locations

White Dog’s Head – How to interact with the living room clock

Go to the main hall and approach the grandfather clock on the eastern wall. Take the clock pendulum off and pocket it. Go back to the dining room where you woke up. Enter the adjacent living room and use the pendulum on the grandfather clock. The mechanism will lower the white dog’s head.

Blue Dog’s Head

The blue head is located on the second floor of the main house. Go to the recreation room, the one with the pool table. Approach the bar, then go left. You’ll find a large book on the shelf. Pick it up and open it. The blue dog’s head will be inside.

Red Dog’s Head

The final head is located in the basement of the main house, the processing area. You’ll first see it on a shelf, before Jack grabs it and walks away. You’ll encounter it again, hanging from a chain above the arena where you fight Jack the second time.

Once you’ve got all three, go back to the main hall and slot them into the door. It will unlock, letting you out into the yard, which will give you access to even more delightful places filled with dread, tears, blood and broken dreams.

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