Resident Evil 7 How to Get Preorder Bonus Items - Survival Pack

If you’ve preordered Resident Evil 7, you received some bonus in-game items, along with the ability to play on Madhouse difficulty setting right away. You won’t get the items right away – you’ll need to pick them up from a specific place in the game. Some players are unhappy about this, and can’t figure out where to find the Survival Pack items. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to unlock preorder bonus items in Resident Evil 7.

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re7 how to get preorder bonus items
Resident Evil 7 Preorder Items

Where to find Survival Pack in RE7

You’ll find the items in the first item box you encounter. You’ll have to play a couple of hourse until you get there, so it’s understandable people are getting upset. The box is in the laundry room of the main house, on the first floor. You can only enter it by escaping through the hatch in the floor when Jack chases after you for the first time. The crawlspace you’ll end up in will lead to the laundry room, where you’ll get your items.

The Survival Pack will grant you two items:

  • Supply Box
  • Defense Coin
The coin increases your resistance to damage, making you less likely to die. The box is from Zoe – when you open it, you’ll find two herbs, a first aid med, and a strong first aid med. These will help you survive the early game, allowing you to learn the ropes without dying too many times.

How to get Dirty Coin in Resident Evil 7

If you’ve played through the Beginning Hour demo and beaten it, you’re eligible for a dirty coin. The coin is obtained in the same way as the preorder bonus items – just wait until you reach the first item box, and you’ll find it inside.

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