Resident Evil 7 Can't Catch Me Trophy - How to avoid Marguerite

Can’t Catch Me is one of the trophies you can get in RE 7. You get it while watching the Mia VHS. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get Resident Evil 7 Can’t Catch Me trophy. This trophy requires a lot of patience, so be ready.

RE 7 Can't Catch Me Trophy Guide - Mia Videotape
Resident Evil 7 Can’t Catch Me achievement

How to finish Mia tape without being spotted by Marguerite

After the intro cutscene ends, run down the bridge and through the double doors. Turn left, then right and through the door with the candles on the left. Run through this room and into the hallway after it. You’ll notice a crate there. Marguerite will come from the left door, so crouch behind the crate. You’ll have to wait there a few seconds until she goes into the next room. If she does spot you, keep in mind, you can always hit Retry and start over.

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When Marguerite goes away, quickly run to the door she came from. There’s an object on the pedestal, but you’ll have to ignore it for now. Run outside and all the way to the water. Go to the right and crouch again. Be careful with the holes in the fence, she can spot you through them. You’ll have to wait for Marguerite to head back inside, and she takes her sweet time. Don’t lose your cool and try to run around her in some way, it’s very risky. Better to wait patiently.

After Marguerite goes back inside, pick up the object on the pedestal. Rotate it until you get the shadow of a spider on the wall, then press X. Now, go inside the newly open path. Make your way to the end, and you’ll get to an opening through which you can go. Now comes what is maybe the hardest part.

Right in front of you, you’ll see a bunch of palettes and boxes. This will be your hiding spot. When Marguerite comes in, crouch behind and wait. She’ll slowly make her way around on your left. Your task is to go around on the right as she passes you. Keep a sharp eye on her and watch her every move. Keep going forward, then turn right. You’ll fall through a hole in the floor into a crawlspace.

Head forward and Marguerite will block your path. You can look at a photo in the box while you wait for her to come and get you. There’s nothing you can do about it. The tape will end, and you’ll get the Can’t Catch Me Trophy.

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