Will Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Have Multiplayer or Two Player Coop?

Resident Evil 7 is an upcoming survival horror game. In it, you’ll take the role of Ethan Winters, searching for his wife in the Deep South. A clue will lead you to the Baker family plantation, where most of the game takes place. Previous titles in the series all gave you the option to play with friends or random internet people. The burning question at this point is, will Resident Evil 7 Biohazard have multiplayer?

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will resident evil 7 have multiplayer
Is Resident Evil 7 Multiplayer

In short, no, it probably won’t. There’s no official word on it yet, but all signs point towards RE7 being a strictly singleplayer experience.

Resident Evil 7 Multiplayer

The Steam store page lists it as singleplayer only, and that’s a pretty good indicator. The billing could be changed, but you shouldn’t hold your breath. The reasons behind the absence of any kind of multiplayer are rooted deep in the game’s design.

Unlike the last few installments, RE7 isn’t going to be focused on action. Lots of shooting, throwing grenades, kicking zombies, fighting bosses (like Mutant Pedro), getting bitten and panicking – this is all in the past. There will be weapons, there will be some combat, but the developers have clearly stated we shouldn’t expect a gun fest.

Things being what they are, there seems to be no reasonable way for people to compete in the game. It simply wouldn’t work, and tacking on an entirely unrelated multiplayer component is in nobody’s interest.

Is Resident Evil 7 Coop?

Following the same logic, it clearly makes no sense for Resident Evil 7 to have two player coop. Since it’s all about the atmosphere, the permeating dread and the scares, having another person present would only diminish the experience. There’s also the fact that Ethan explores the house alone. There’s no narrative justification for having more players.

Of course, since the game isn’t out yet, all of this can still change. We’ll follow the situation closely and update the guide with any new info we find.

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  1. N

    Another lazy half assed attempt to cash in on a series we’ll past its prime. Not paying 65 dollars for a game with no mp. Unless it’s content leaden like the Witcher 3 or skyrim paying more than 30 bucks for a game is idiotic. And anyone who does is a moron helping to ruin the gaming industry.

    1. R

      Ok, so you first started playin after the multiplayer revolution? Before that time you also pay so much money like today.. Before 2002 in germany a game costs around 80-110 DM, the € came, since them games cost around 50-70€, and thats around 100-135DM, A few bucks more but games became more complex and more people workin on them and they all wann get paid.. So thats a totally fair price, you have no clue, a lifelong gamer, from thw bottom of his heart, is paying that price and still have a big smile on their face..

    2. S

      Learn survival horror

    3. C

      I agree with you Nick. A 8-10 hour game with no MP does not justify a $65 purchase when there’s numerous other games out there that offer 30+ hours of content. Although I would like to play RE7, I will wait until it hits around $20-30 or less.

  2. C

    Best bit for me is the fact it’s mp. Great game but I find that really disappointing that it’s not.

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