Resident Evil Revelations 2 Document Locations Guide

There are nine (9) documents to be collected as part of the Episode One Files. These documents provide additional information, they describe what had happened in the area where you found them.
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Some of them might even be an introduction to the next episodes. The first six of them are found on Claire and Moira’s part of the episode. The last three can be collected on Barry and Natalia’s part of the episode.

Rules for Monitoring Test Subjects

Shortly after you collect the knife with Claire, you should find yourself in the part of the room with the broken glass. As you break the rest of the glass with a melee swing, look to your left – the document is on the shelf.

Improving Security Measures

As you reach the detention center, you stumble upon a Gear Kog – a wall-mounted mechanism. Placing the cogwheel you found into this mechanism opens the gate that takes you out of the facility. Across the way from this Gear Kog is the table with the document.

Excerpt from Kafka’s “In the Penal Colony”

On your way to the power station you go through the door close to the Gear Kog. At the end of the first hallway to your left is the chair with a document on it. This hallway is just next to the room where the torture device with the cogwheel is.

Prisoner’s Letter

Following the path from the previous document point, you end up in a part of the facility with a large hallway with opened prison cells on one side, and a wall with windows on the other side. Inside one of these prison cells is a document on a table.

Caution for Experiment Handling

Leaving the previous location, we end up in a storage room of the facility, with many dirty sinks. The first room to your right is where you can find this file.

Exerpt from Kafka’s “The Trial”

The larger room located next to the previous one is the one where you can find the next file. This is the same room where can pick up your first Thrown Sub-Weapon (Exploding Bottle).

Escape Report

This and the next two files are found while you play with Barry and Natalie. As you enter the detention center and climb the second floor, you should find a Control Room that was inaccessible in the first part of the episode. At this point you’ll be able to unlock this door (if you grab the key at the start of the Barry playthrough). The document is on the desk inside the control room.

Prisoner’s Journal

Inside the control room, you are supposed to open the prison cells by using the switch. This opens not just the path to the next part of the chapter, but also a prison cell with a document. The cell you want to aim for is the fourth one on your left, once you’ve left the control room.

Escapee’s Note

In this part of the episode, you are trying to find your way out of the woods, toward the radio tower. As you go through the rusty, brown double-doors you’ll find yourself next to a wooden house. Inside this house is the last document/file.
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