Episode Two Documents - Resident Evil: Revelations 2

There are nine documents to be collected in Episode Two. They provide additional insight into the lives of the game’s characters, as well as the story behind the infamous experiment.
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Three of them can be found in the first chapter, playing as Claire and Moira, while the other six are in Barry and Natalia’s chapter.

Traveler’s Diary

It’s located in the house in the middle of the fishing village, the one Pedro breaks into using his drill. You’ll find it on the shelf next to the corpse.

Mock Experiment Results

In the abandoned town. When you enter the room with the hanging corpses, go right up the stairs and turn to the left. The document is on the shelf.

Town Resident’s Memo

You’ll find it in the building with the elevator. After you leave the room with the workbench, go left into the hallway, then right into the room. The memo is on the shelf in front of you.

Gabe’s Note

It can be found in the first house Barry and Natalia get to after entering the forest, on the red wooden shelf.

Female Villager’s Letter

When you get to the fishing village, go to the beach. The big blue house by the water has a hole in its side. Squeeze through with Natalia – the document is on the table next to the stove.

Pedro’s Notes On The Bracelet

While you’re in the village, go to the inn. You’ll find the paper on the left side of the counter.

Town Resident’s Note

In the abandoned town. When you find the building with the elevator, go up to the second floor. Go left off the stairs, then enter the apartment on the left side of the hallway. The note is on a shelf in the farthest room.

Clinical Experiment Notes

This document is located in the tower, on the ground floor. It’s on a crate at the base of the stairs.

Parting Words To My Dear Father

Go up the left set of stairs in the tower. The letter is on a crate.

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