How to Exit Hall of Pleasure Resident Evil 8 Village

Resident Evil Village Hall of Pleasure is a room in Castle Dimitrescu where you find the Mask of Pleasure, after which you’ll get locked in. The problem is that you can’t seem to open the door while still retaining the mask. As it turns out, you actually need to pick up another item that you can place instead of the mask. Pull an Indiana Jones, as it were. In our How to Exit Hall of Pleasure Resident Evil 8 Village guide, we’ll show you where to find said item, and how to place it on the statue to open the door.

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how to exit hall of pleasure resident evil 8 village
How to Exit Hall of Pleasure Resident Evil 8 Village

Resident Evil 8 Village How to Exit Hall of Pleasure

To exit the Hall of Pleasure in Resident Evil 8 Village, after you pick up the Mask of Pleasure, turn to the right of the statue and crawl through the fireplace towards the Armory. Once in the Armory, pick up the shotgun shells, pipe bombs, and lockpick from around the room. At one point, one of the daughters of Lady Dimitrescu will materialize in the room, and you’ll have to fight her. Once you defeat her, pick up the Crystal Torso from her remains, then go to the west side of the room and collect the Mounted Animal Skull from above the fireplace.

Once you have the mounted skull, select it in the inventory and examine it. Rotate it to see the back, and you’ll be able to “examine” a bolt. This will remove the skull from the stand. Now go back into the Hall of Pleasure and examine the place where the Mask of Pleasure came from. Place the Animal Skull there, and you’ll open the door behind you. That’s how you exit the Resident Evil 8 Village Hall of Pleasure, and simultaneously create a really metal piece of art.

As soon as you exit the room, however, you’re immediately gonna encounter an irate Lady Dimitrescu, so get ready to run and place the masks in their proper places real fast. After that, things are only going to keep escalating from bad to worse. However, I’m not gonna spoil what happens; that’s up to you to discover.

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