Crystal Skull Resident Evil 8 Village

The Resident Evil Village Crystal Skull is an item that you can find every so often in the game, and it goes into the Treasures section of your inventory. It certainly looks cool, and it can be very valuable once you know how to use the RE Village Crystal Skulls. So, you might be wondering where to find the Crystal Skull treasure in RE8 and what to do with it. Well, we’ll show you all you need to know in our Crystal Skull Resident Evil 8 Village guide.

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crystal skull resident evil 8 village
Crystal Skull Resident Evil 8 Village

Where to Find Crystal Skull Treasure in Resident Evil 8 Village

To find the Crystal Skull treasure in Resident Evil 8 Village, you have to kill monsters around the village. The skull can drop from the Lycans, aka the werewolves, but also from regular zombies wielding farm tools. I don’t think the skull is a guaranteed drop, but that is how you get them – clean out the enemies around the village, and every now and again, you’ll get a Crystal Skull. Just don’t get carried away; some monsters cannot be killed, and you don’t wanna waste too much ammo. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, once you do have a Crystal Skull, what exactly do you do with them? Well, not much, as it turns out.

How to Use Crystal Skull Resident Evil Village

To use the Resident Evil Village Crystal Skull, all you need to do is sell it in the Duke’s Emporium. As far as we can tell, that’s the only use for Treasures like these. So, once you come across the Duke, open the shop and select the “Duke’s Purse” option. In that menu, scroll over to the Treasures tab, and then select the number of Skulls and other treasures you want to sell using the arrows next to the numbers to the right of each item. Finalize the trade, and you’ll have 900 Lei more for every Crystal Skull you sell. Trust me, you’ll need the money for all kinds of things, including getting more inventory space.

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