Lockpick Locations - Resident Evil 8 Village

Resident Evil 8 Village lockpicks are special items that you can find scattered across the game, in Castle Dimitrescu, the village, etc. You use the lockpicks to unlock various different locks, which in turn grants you various rewards. The question then becomes where to find lockpicks in Resident Evil 8. Well, we’ve complied a list of them all in our Lockpick Locations – Resident Evil 8 Village guide. Mind you, there will be slight spoilers by the end, but we’ll keep them to an absolute minimum.

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lockpick locations resident evil 8 village
Lockpick Locations – Resident Evil 8 Village

Castle Dimitrescu Lockpick Locations

The first Resident Evil 8 Village lockpick location in Castle Dimitrescu that we’ve found was in the hallway right outside the kitchen. Exit the kitchen through the door in the west on the map, then turn to the left. Walk to the door, and take a look at the dresser on the right. The lockpick will be right there.

where to find lockpick locations resident evil 8 village
Lockpick location #1

The second lockpick is in the Attic area. From the ladders, go around the wall on the left. There’s a zombie you’ll have to kill there, then go to the crates in the corner. The lockpick is on top of them, next to the lamp.

castle dimitrescu lockpick locations
Lockpick location #2

The third and final lockpick in Castle Dimitrescu is in the Armory. It’s in a dark corner, on the table next to a few helmets. It’s a little hard to see, but explore every corner, and you’ll be fine.

how to get re 8 village lockpicks
Lockpick location #3

Where to Find Lockpicks in the Village – Resident Evil 8

To find the lockpicks scattered around the village in Resident Evil 8, one place you can look is on the map below. When you get there, you’ll see a blue gate, with a sign that says “locked due to missing home owner.” Break the lock on the gate with your knife, then look to the right of the yard to find the outhouse. Open it and pick up the lockpick from the seat.

village resident evil where to find lockpicks
Lockpick location #4

The second location is in a well between The Workshop and West Old Town. Take a look at the map to see where to go. Place the Well Wheel where it’s supposed to be, then bring the bucket up. The lockpick will be inside.

where to find village lockpick locations resident evil 8 village
Lockpick location #5

Location #3 is in the isolated Garden area. There’s one single shack in there, so walk right in. You’ll find a lockpick on the sill of one of the windows. Mind the zombies that will come charging inside; I’d recommend clearing them out first, after you pick up the shotgun from the table.

how to get all lockpicks in re 8 village
Lockpick location #6

The fourth Resident Evil 8 lockpick location in the village is in the northwest of the general area, where another well lies. Use the Well Wheel to bring up the ladders. Climb all the way down, and look in the puddle immediately under the ladders to find the thing.

lockpick locations village resident evil 8
Lockpick location #7

The fifth lockpick in the village can be found at the location shown below. There’s an abandoned house there with a special golden symbol. Go inside said house, and you’ll find the lockpick on the windowsill on the right.

all re 8 village lockpick locations
Lockpick location #8

Lockpick Locations in Resident Evil 8 Village Heisenberg Factory

The first Heisenberg Factory lockpick location in Resident Evil 8 Village is in the underground caves. In one of the dead ends, you’ll find a bunch of digging equipment. Among them is a metal cabinet, and the lockpick is inside.

heisenberg factory re village lockpick locations
Lockpick location #9

The second lockpick in the factory, and the tenth and final in the entire game, is in the Operating Room. As soon as you enter the room, look to your left. You’ll find the lockpick on a table, next to a vice. Collect the tool, and voila, you’ve found all the lockpicks in the game! That’s where you find all lockpicks in RE Village.

resident evil 8 village where to find lockpicks
Lockpick location #10
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