Geothermal Valley Explorer's Satchel, Archivist Map & Monolith

Geothermal Valley is the second hub in Rise of The Tomb Raider. It’s a large open area which you’ll visit several times over the course of the game.
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There are a bunch of collectibles to be found in the area. To help you get them all more easily, the game offers archivist maps, explorer’s satchels and monoliths These will mark other items on your map. This guide will show you where to find all 17 Geothermal Valley explorer’s satchels, archivist maps and monoliths.

You might not be able to get some of these on your first pass: they require having certain tools at your disposal, or having access to areas that unlock later on in the game. If you’d like to gather them all in one go, you should wait until the whole map’s unlocked and you have the right tools for the job.

There are 17 of them all together. Maps and satchels will uncover locations of other collectibles, will monoliths unlock some otherwise unavailable coin caches.