Sea of Thieves Abandoning Death Cost Mechanic After Backlash

The proposed Death Cost mechanic in Sea of Thieves has bitten the dust. The community backlash has been enough to convince Rare to scrap it completely. So, you can feel free to keep dying in Sea of Thieves to your heart’s content, knowing that the captain of the Ferry of the Damned will never charge you a single gold piece for it.

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Sea of Thieves Abandoning Death Cost Mechanic After Backlash
Sea of Thieves Abandoning Death Cost Mechanic After Backlash

Recently, we covered the story of the Death Cost in Sea of Thieves. Here’s the quick rundown. Rare announced that they wanted to add a new mechanic to Sea of Thieves. What would’ve happened is that, whenever you die, the captain of the Ferry of the Damned would charge you a small amount of gold. If the death was more preventable, it would cost you more. So, the dumber the death, the more it would cost you.

Needless to say, this caused an uproar in the community. Many players were worried that getting killed by other players and spawn-camping would quickly drain their coffers. Rare quickly clarified that the captain wouldn’t charge you for PvP deaths, but the damage had already been done. The player base had already turned against the mechanic. Some people even raised the question about what would happen if a pirate without gold would die. All in all, Rare really messed up with communicating their ideas, and it ended up in disaster.

As a result, the developers have decided to completely abandon the Death Cost Mechanic. Joe Neate, executive producer at Rare, announced the news on his Twitter account. So, you don’t have to worry about this anymore. The Death Cost is, well and truly, dead in the water. For more info on the game, feel free to check out our plethora of Sea of Thieves articles, including riddle solutions, where to find different animals, and so on.

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