Far Cry 5 Co-op Progression & How to Play With Friends

Co-op progression in Far Cry 5 seems to be bothering lots of players. Namely, the fact there isn’t any is being frowned upon by a lot of people. There’s a lot of confusion around playing with friends, and the entire multiplayer component. We’re going to try and clear things up for you in our Far Cry 5 co-op guide.

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far cry 5 how to coop
Far Cry 5 Co-op Progression & How to Play With Friends

How to play with friends

If you want to play as a hired gun, all you have to do is accept an invite from a friend. If you want to host a game, however, there are a few more steps to it:

  1. Open up the menu (touchpad on PS4, back on Xbox)
  2. Scroll to the online tab (using R1/RB and L1/LT)
  3. Select Invite Friends (all the way to the left)
  4. Choose a friend from your friends list

And that’s all there is to it. However, it might not work as you’d expect.

Co-op progression

Coop works much like in Dark Souls (do a shot). One player acts as a host, and they are the only one who actually makes progress. The players who join in order to help out will keep the money, experience and weapons they scavenge, but they won’t retain any mission progress.

A lot of people are complaining about the system across various internet forums – most feel both players should progress through the story at the same time. Although the only downside to this method seems to be the fact that the guest player won’t unlock story trophies, the discontent is palpable.

Ubisoft might react by giving users the option to progress together, but since the system is pretty much the same as it was in the previous game, we highly doubt any changes will be made post release.

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  1. D

    I really hate this progression system! Me and my brother have been playing for a couple of nights now on my story. Yesterday we tried my brothers story instead and discovered that no progression was made for him and we had to start everything from the beginning! Kinda sucks in my opinion! I’m not gonna play this game anymore until they fix this!!

    1. L

      I think you are going to wait a while, as this is a feature, and not a bad thing, according to Ubisoft.

    2. T

      I was going to purchase the game and was really excited, but I got lucky and came across an article where the talked about the co-op progression and how it was totally screwed up. So I am not going to purchase the game unless they fix it. Me and my wife where both going to get it because of the co-op feature and so we can play and PROGRESS TOGETHER but you cant. I have seen many people that are completely pissed about this also, as you are one of them.

  2. R

    If you play only with your wife or the same friend each times, it seems to be okey. Above it’s how i understand the system :
    You just have to decide who will be the host for all your gaming sessions. The guest will have the xp, money, and inventory saved. So the progression is the same if you play only together because you don’t care about the guest game. Just ignore the guest world and only play in the host game.
    It’s a problem only if you want to play with more than one person or the guest have to be the host for some reasons.

  3. R

    In fact, it’s the same thing in Dark souls, but you can’t do what i explained before because you have to be in the same aera to summon a friend. So you have to progress in the two games in the same time. In FC5 you have no restriction or debuff to invite a friend and play all the game in the host game.

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