Sea of Thieves Bilge Rat Adventure Features Exploding Skeletons

A new bunch of content is out in Sea of Thieves, with the new update. It brings Bilge Rat Adventures, which center around a new faction, called the Bilge Rats. Completing stuff for them is going to earn you Bilge Rat doubloons, which you can then exchange for cool-looking weapons. Just be wary of skeletons lugging lit powder kegs charging right at you.

Sea of Thieves Bilge Rat Adventure Features Exploding Skeletons
Sea of Thieves Bilge Rat Adventure Features Exploding Skeletons

The Bilge Rat Adventure is now out with the new update for Sea of Thieves. The first event in the bunch is very appropriately titled Exploding Skeletons. Basically, you can expect to be charged by skeletons armed with lit barrels of gun powder. There will be brand new challenges and events, given to you by a brand new faction, called Bilge Rats. All of this in order to earn Bilge Rat Doubloons, which you can then use to purchase special weapons from the Rats.

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Speaking of Bilge Rats, who exactly are they? Well, the Rats are like an alternative to the Trading Companies. Their organization is loose, without a leader and a “corporate structure.” They are traders, but in a pirates-for-pirates kind of way. Why risk your skin for a Trading Company? Plus, the Bilge Rats always have the freshest rumors of hidden treasures, and they explore far and wide, into every corner of the world. They’ve hidden ten Skeleton Thrones, and the challenge is to find them all and sit in them.

As we’ve already mentioned, completing the events and challenges that the Bilge Rats give out earns you Bilge Rat Doubloons. You can then trade the doubloons in for special weapons. These include the Bone Crusher Blunderbuss, Flintlock, Cutlass, and Eye of Reach (or sniper, if you will). These are purely cosmetic differences; they have no different effect compared to the normal weapons, but by George, they sure do look bitchin’. Oh, and you can also earn Bilge Rat titles, for further bragging rights.

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