State of Decay 2 Independence Pack DLC Now Available

The new Independence DLC pack is now out for State of Decay 2, just a little ahead of the Fourth of July. The DLC turns the America levels up to twelve. There’s trucks with bald eagle decals shooting fire out of the exhausts, rifles shooting fireworks, and zombies dressed as British soldiers from the Revolutionary War.

State of Decay 2 Independence Pack DLC Now Available
State of Decay 2 Independence Pack DLC Now Available

You like to play State of Decay 2? Do you also like America? Do you wish that State of Decay 2 would America harder? Well, you’re in luck! The Independence Pack DLC is now out for the game, and it ramps up the patriotism in some quite glorious, over-the-top ways. It includes new weapons, new vehicles, and even a new skin for the zombies. The video below shows off the new stuff that the DLC is bringing to the table. Yes, those are zombies wearing British uniforms from the Revolutionary War, and you can blast them with rifles shooting fireworks. Or run them over in a truck emblazoned with a bald eagle and American flag. It’s as ridiculous as it is kinda awesome.

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The video description tells us that the Independence pack DLC offers “three zombie-ready vehicles, access to a supply drop containing three new patriotic melee weapons, two unique ranged weapons and piles of single-use fireworks that are perfect for causing general havoc.” To be fair, the new cars look like re-skinned versions of vehicles that already exist in the game. I could be wrong, though. And, even if that is the case, it’s pretty sweet watching all of that fire spouting from the sides when you gun it. And who wouldn’t want to mow down redcoat zombies with firework guns? The Independence pack costs $5, so it’s not too big of an investment. Whether or not it’s worth the money is ultimately up to you to decide.

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