Sea of Thieves Crook's Hollow Riddle Solution & Location

Crook’s Hollow riddle is one of the puzzles in Sea of Thieves. You’ll get it instead of a map on a random voyage, and you’ll have to solve the riddle in order to find the treasure. The riddle isn’t too difficult, but if you don’t like this kind of challenge, you could easily get stuck. In order to help you complete the voyage, we’ve decided to write this Sea of Thieves Crook’s Hollow riddle solution & location guide.

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sea of thieves crook's hollow riddle solution location
Sea of Thieves Crook’s Hollow Riddle Solution & Location

Where to find Crook’s Hollow?

The first part of the riddle clearly points to this island: After mutiny and plunder, now come to rest, on Crook’s Hollow to hide my chest. But were exactly is Crook’s Hollow? There are so many islands in the game, it can be difficult to pinpoint the one you’re looking for on the naval chart, especially if you’re playing alone. You’ll find Crook’s Hollow in quadrant Q19.

The Endless Lizard painting where the light is murky, dig 6 paces south-by-south east a treasure’s lurking

Additional Description: Seek the Endless Lizard painting where there is no sky, it lies in wait for a light held high.

“Where the light is murky” points to a dark place – a cave in this case. But there are so many caves on this island, and finding the right one takes time. If you’re in a hurry, look for a wooden pier in the bay. Use the cave entrance next to it and follow the tunnel until you reach a skeleton propped against a wall near an extinguished campfire.

If you look at the wall on the opposite side, you’ll see a painting of two lizards trying to bite each other’s tail. That’s what the “endless lizard” thing means. Now all you need to do is grab your compas, let the arrow settle between south and southeast, take six steps in that direction and dig. Since you can’t actually take single steps, if you miss the treasure on the first try, go back (or forward) a bit and try again.

The cavern Campfire

Full Description: The cavern campfire where there is little light, 7 paces East-by-South East dig gold ye might.

The exact spot of the cavern campfire where there little light is can be found just next to the endless lizard described above in the article. You can reach this part of the cavern from the Crook’s Hollow bay, where the longer wooden dock is found. There is a cave entrance near this dock. Go through it, and keep to your left. The cavern campfire from the riddle is extinguished, so you won’t find it if you’re looking for a fire.

Note: There is actually a painting of fire on top of the higher cavern system on the island, with people cheering underneath it. This confused me while trying to solve the riddle. It fits the description perfectly, but in this case, it’s not what we’re looking for.

The Duelling Crabs

Full Description: At the duelling crabs on the South West beach ya are almost there, 9 paces North East dig treasure bare.

The dueling crabs mentioned in the riddle are actually, as is many times the case, a painting of two crabs. The additional information that we have pretty much reveals the location. It tells us which part of the island we should aim for – the southwest beach. This is where that bigger bay with a longer dock is positioned. Once you reach this part of the island, just follow the shore to the southwest. Just as you are about to reach the corner, you can spot a group of small rocks. On one of these rocks, there is a painting of the two crabs. One is black, and the other is red. This is the spot.

The Beetle

Full Description: Seek the beetle at the crossing of the ways, where there is no sky, it lies in wait for sweet music’s cry.

The crossing of the ways mentioned in the riddle is actually at the center of the island, in the cave system. If you find yourself in any of the tunnels, just keep going forward until you reach its other end. Sooner or later, you’ll end up in the central part, from where you can enter all the other tunnels. This is where a larger rock, with three candles next to it, is located. This specific one is the one we are after, as it has the painting of one black beetle.

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