Sea of Thieves Devil's Ridge Skeleton Captain Location Bug

Devil’s Ridge skeleton captain is the target of one of the assassination voyages in Sea of Thieves. His name is Aarrron Leigh, and you’ll have to find and murder him in order to complete the bounty. However, there’s a bug that’s preventing a lot of players from completing this quest. It’s a simple mission, but the Sea of Thieves Devil’s Ridge skeleton captain location bug will stop you from finishing it.

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sea of thieves devil's ridge skeleton captain location bug
Sea of Thieves Devil’s Ridge Skeleton Captain Location Bug

Where to find skeleton captain at Devil’s Ridge?

The bounty comes with a riddle, which goes like this:

Seeking knowledge hidden in skull and bone
Revealing untold whispers protected by foe
Knowledge guarded and returned at last
To uncover the secrets of riches past

There’s also a picture of the captain, but he looks like every other skelly captain. The poster claims he was last spotted haunting Devil’s Ridge. The island is located in quadrand U24. If you don’t run into the captain after spending a few minutes looking around, you might think he’s hidden somewhere. You might think the riddle holds the key to his location, that you’ll have to crack the code in order to find the sea bandit.

The truth is far simpler, and far less interesting. It’s a bug. The skellington you’re looking for doesn’t spawn, for some reason. That’s all there is to it. And all you can do about it is drop the voyage and hope it gets fixed before you try again.

This isn’t the only issue with the game, but it’s definitely one of the more problematic ones. The beard errors, stuck at opening journal and such mostly affect players before they’ve actually started playing. They’re easier to get over, since you don’t actually lose progress or waste time. This one’s actually comparable to the one that stops you from equipping items, as it forces you to give up on your current objective.

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