Sea of Thieves Shipwreck Bay Riddle Solution & Location

Shipwreck Bay Riddle in Sea of Thieves is one of the riddles you can find and solve in the game. When you find it, it will tell you to go to Shipwreck Bay, and then the next riddle step will uncover. Each riddle step you solve in Sea of Thieves will reveal the next. This article will show you how to solve Shipwreck Bay riddle in Sea of Thieves and find the hidden treasure. There’s a lot of different riddles you can find for Shipwreck Bay, and we’ll add more here if we find them.

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Sea of Thieves Shipwreck Bay Riddle Solution & Location
Sea of Thieves Shipwreck Bay Riddle Solution & Location

Where to find Shipwreck Bay in Sea of Thieves?

The first clue is “To Shipwreck Bay you may be bound, in search of fortune in the ground.” The treasure is going to be in Shipwreck Bay, a middle-sized island surrounded by rocks. You can find it in quadrant Q-12, which is near Galleon’s Grave Outpost. The central landmarks on Shipwreck Bay are the remains of the ship called The Blackwyche, and a quite huge, tall rock in the center. Set sail. and get ready to discover the second part of the Shipwreck Bay riddle.

Beneath the monstrous remains looking out to the North seas

The solution to this part of the riddle triggered for us when we were climbing the large, central rock on the island. To reach this point, you have to climb onto the remains of The Blackwyche, and climb up the broken mast that leads to the top of the high rock. There’s a little alcove, once you climb the broken mast, and there was a chest for us there, but it might be random loot. Then, make your way towards the summit of the rock peak and open up the map. However, we’re not 100% that this is what triggers the solution. We had another crew member that went to one of the rocks northwest of the main island. There is a shipwreck there, which indeed looks out to the north. So, you might want to try and visit both of these landmarks and open the map in each place. This should direct you to the next step of the riddle.

Skull pile in the shadow of the largest peak, raise the lantern

In the center of the island, there’s a huge, tall rock jutting into the sky. You’ll notice that it’s sloped, leading onto a ledge at the very top. Beneath that part, all the way down on ground level, you’ll see a couple of barrels and other guff, a lit torch, and a pile of skulls. It’s not that easy to miss. Beware skeletons on the way. Approach the skull pile, take out your lantern, and raise it (the aim button, right-click on PC). This will reveal the final verse of the riddle.

Captain Pendragon’s Library Remains

Full Description: At the remains of Captain Pendragon’s library something is hidden here, read me and it shall appear.

Captain Pendragon’s library is in the remains of the largest ship wreck on the island. This is a signature point on this island, and hard not to spot from a distance. Head to this ship, which is broken in two parts. Go toward the ship’s prow, as this is the only way that you can reach the higher levels. From this part, you can spot a wooden path towards the Captain’s cabin at the back of the ship. Once inside Pendragon’s cabin, you’ll spot many books on the ground, next to the fallen bookshelf. Bring up your riddle and the next step will reveal itself.

Anchor resting on stone near The Blackwyche’s remains

Go back to the remains of The Blackwyche. Head to the back part of the remains (north side of the east remains of the ship), and turn around to face the ship’s prow. Then turn to the right, and you’ll notice a rock formation and some bushes. Head around that rock formation, and you’ll spot the anchor the riddle mentions. Take out your compass and turn to face west-by-northwest. Head in that direction, carefully measuring seven steps. Then, start digging, and you’ll find the buried treasure chest. Once again, be mindful of the skeletons.

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  1. L

    the monsterous remains are what looks like a dead sea monter to the north of the blackwytch

  2. J

    i got a riddle for shipwreck bay that goes like this: coins of plenty lie buried deep, on shipwreck bay they’re yours to keep.
    find beneath the caged remains of the mutinous pirate to the west, a road to fortune with shovel’s blade, 6 paces east, a hole needs made

  3. O

    Sea of thieves needs to fix their damn riddles so inconsistent

  4. B

    I’m stuck on this “If treasure ye seek then head my word, Shipwreak Bay should be preferred”
    “Find beneath the monstrous remains looking out to the North seas then take head, reading this map is what you need”
    “To cross the rib bones in the shadow of the largest peak ye should wander, with instruments to play a number”
    That’s all I got

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