Sea of Thieves Sunken Curse Bilge Rat Adventure Now Available

The Sunken Curse Bilge Rat Adventure is now live in Sea of Thieves. The new event will have you diving in search of cursed underwater mermaid statues. Your quest will be to destroy them to lift the curse. Of course, you’ll also be able to find all sorts of sunken treasures down there, as well, such as artifacts, treasure chests, etc.

Sea of Thieves Sunken Curse Bilge Rat Adventure Now Available
Sea of Thieves Sunken Curse Bilge Rat Adventure Now Available

After the Exploding Skeletons Bilge Rat Adventure, the new update for Sea of Thieves has added a brand new adventure for you and your crew. The new Adventure, The Sunken Curse, is going to send you on a whole different quest. Basically, to quote the patch notes, there’ll be “underwater statues and dangerous curses” for you to look forward to. The Bilge Rats have caught wind of tales of cursed statues beneath the waves, and the rumors are spreading quickly. It’ll take a special crew of brave pirates to brave the depths in search of the statues.

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Let’s get into the specifics. Basically, you’ll be searching for cursed statues of mermaids, which radiate ancient magic. They’ll be in the shallows of different islands, and your task will be to destroy them, presumably to get rid of the curse. All statues regenerate health over time, and some statues are going to be able to take more punishment than others. So, to be safe, you’re going to need a full crew of four people in order to be certain that you can take down all of them.

There’s a lot more in the update, including various bug fixes, improvements, and so on. You can check out the full patch notes on the official Sea of Thieves website. And, if you need to whet your appetite for new seafaring adventure, you can check out the short trailer for The Sunken Curse below.

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