Destiny 2 Forsaken New Super Moves Revealed by Developer

Destiny 2 Forsaken is going to introduce a lot of new stuff, and that includes brand new super moves. All of the subclasses are going to get new super abilities. They will shake up the way all of the subclasses play, while still staying true to the core that makes the subclasses fun to play.

Destiny 2 Forsaken New Super Moves Revealed by Developer
Destiny 2 Forsaken New Super Moves Revealed by Developer

New Supers in Destiny 2 Forsaken

First off, the Hunter subclasses. Gunslingers will get abilities to throw knives, which is weird for the gunslinger. Basically, you’ll be able to throw barrages of knives that will explode a short while after hitting the targets. The Arcstrider will get several abilities connected to the staff. For example, you’ll be able to slide and hit the melee button to send a wave of lightning forward. Or, you can do Whirlwind Guard, where you’ll twirl the staff around and deflect projectiles back like a jedi. Nightsalkers are getting the ability to turn invisible and get Truesight, which you can then combo with Spectral Blades.

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Next up, the Titans. Sentinels will get Controlled Demolition, which allows you to attach a grenade to an enemy, and then shoot at it to make it explode. Then, bits of it will attach to other enemies, allowing you to continue the process. There’s also Banner Shield, which protects several players at the same time, and your team can shoot through it. Striker abilities are going to be turning into living missiles, with Ballistic Slam and Thundercrash. Both will allow you to get into the air and smash into the ground, damaging everything around you. The supers for Sunbreakers will be all about the hammer. Burning Maul will let you swing a giant hammer around, smashing enemies. The Throwing Hammer will allow you to throw it, pick it up, and throw it again.

Last, but not least, the Warlocks. Dawnblades will get Well of Radiance, where they stick the blade into the ground to heal and give bonus damage to teammates. With Divine Protection, you’ll be able to turn grenades into blessings to heal teammates that you hit, or throw them on the ground for them to pick up. The most fun one for Stormcallers is Chaos Reach, which allows you to fire a brutal ray of Arc energy. If you manage to catch an enemy by surprise, you can then turn the ray off, allowing you to recharge faster. Voidwalkers will get Nova Warp, which allows you to either trigger a large explosion around you, or several smaller ones for more efficient crowd control.

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