Sea of Thieves Sunken Pearl Bug Solution - Pirate's Life Tall Tale

The Sunken Pearl Pirate’s Life Tall Tale quest in Sea of Thieves has a huge bug problem, and we’re here to offer a solution. This bug can appear at any point in the quest – the Kraken boss fight or any other fight won’t spawn, the Siren puzzles won’t spawn, the barriers with the glowing corals won’t open… the list is never-ending. On the bright side, there’s a single fix that takes care of all of these bugs. On the down side, you will probably have to lose some progress. So, let’s see what you can do in out Sea of Thieves Sunken Pearl Bug Solution – Pirate’s Life Tall Tale guide.

sea of thieves sunken pearl bug solution pirates life tall tale
Sea of Thieves Sunken Pearl Bug Solution – Pirate’s Life Tall Tale

Can’t Open Barrier in Sunken Pearl Sea of Thieves Pirate’s Life Tall Tale – How to Solve Bug

If you can’t open the different barriers in the Sunken Pearl Pirate’s Life Tall Tale in Sea of Thieves, to solve the bug, you need to hop onto a different server. You’ll know that you’ve encountered the glitch if the glowing coral that’s supposed to open the door isn’t flashing. Now, before you do anything drastic, make sure that you’ve solved the puzzle correctly if you’re in a puzzle room. Check whether all three smaller siren statues have their tridents in the correct positions, and shoot the main statue.

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If that doesn’t work, or the coral is not glowing as it should be and you’re not in a puzzle room, then you’ve encountered the dreaded glitch that only hopping onto another server can fix. Don’t worry, you won’t have to start the quest completely over. You’ll be allowed to continue from one of the statues that let you return to your ship. They basically work as checkpoints that don’t reset if you jump onto a different server. You might lose a chunk of progress, but not all of it. That said, keep in mind that you might have to hop several servers before all is said and done.

How to Fix Kraken Boss Fight & Puzzles Not Spawning in Sea of Thieves Sunken Pearl Tall Tale

To fix the bug where the Kraken boss fight (or any other fight) won’t spawn, or puzzles won’t spawn in the Sea of Thieves Sunken Pearl Tall Tale, you’re gonna have to go to a different server. This glitch seems to have the same origin as the one above, as do many others. It seems that the lock system the developers placed causes the quest to freak out if you try completing it after another team has already solved it. I doubt they meant to do that, but it’s a nightmare nonetheless. Again, you will be able to start from the last checkpoint you’ve visited, so not all is lost. Take the L, go to a different server, and hope that another crew hasn’t already been there. Rinse and repeat until you get to the end.

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  1. A

    How do i hop server? just leave and rejoin again and it will save? it didnt save when we reset our games.

  2. J
    Jeffrey Steven McKnight

    We experienced a glitch when we encountered another crew who was already into the mermaid citadel. I’m not sure if this was supposed to happen but upon dying twice in the mermaid battle it returned us to our ship (which was across the map) instead of the tall tale. We decided to jump servers. Once we got to the bubble room where you witness the kraken, the coral wouldn’t open the barrier. Much time wasted.

    1. C
      Cat G

      I had the issue too during the battle. We died and were spawned back at the shipwreck outside the bubble

    2. S

      Exact same thing happened to me and my friends. We just went with it and worked with the other crew and then right before the final boss they just disappeared. Me and my crew then defeated the final boss and then after that nothing happened. We then realized that none of the progress mattered and we needed to completely restart the tall tale.

  3. K
    Kenneth McNitt

    I have done the siren puzzles 4 times and every tike we get to the last one it just doesnt work. Tried hopping servers, didnt work. Reset game, didnt work. Ffs so annoyed.

  4. O

    How can i get to the checkpoint after going to another serwer?

    1. L

      Please be careful with checkpoint restarting on this mission. There are certain moments, where you won’t be able to progress, due to a fact that this is a mission in the open world. For example you can’t go through those big cave doors once again with the checkpoint restarting.

      In general the game itself informs you about it when you get back: “To continue XY-quest, use the captain’s table on your ship to resume from your last checkpoint”. When you get there (ship’s quest table), you have an option to propose a quest. On the new window choose Tall Tales, then the quest you want to start at the current checkpoint. The game will drop that book on the table, and you can vote for it. If you do so, the checkpoint will be noted and you can “continue”.

  5. C

    I’m having trouble this has happened twice I go to the ship I battle the creatures and the Kraken so after that I open the door to grab the chest climb up the ladder hop over and go to the water portal but here’s the thing in order to get the commendation I have to get the chest through the portal and to the room but it disappears when going through the portal anyone else having that issue or am I doing it wrong?

    1. R

      I have a similar issue. I walked partially across the mast to jump off the ship with the chest, and all of the sudden I am in a different room with the large wooden door with Davy’s head on it and I no longer had the chest. Now I can’t get back into the citadel unless I go to my checkpoint. I have no way to get the chest back unless I start all over again.

  6. M

    I have a bug where first I couldn’t jump and second the kraken in the Boss fight was invisible for me but my friends could see him.

  7. C

    WHat about if you missed the key for the silver blade and now u cant get into the ship or go get it

  8. C

    I have a glitch where the silver blade key hasn’t spawned where it is supposed to we managed to progress but realised we needed the key – it’s not there

    1. S

      Defeated the entire level but opened the door first to get the chest. SO IT GLITCHED OUT AND WOULDNT LET ME FINISH THE TALE!. Now i have to redo the entire tale. R a g i n g . Hours of progress lost. Ive genuinely never played a glitchier game in my entire life

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