Siren Heart Sea of Thieves - Sunken Pearl Guide

The Sunken Pearl is a Sea of Thieves Tall Tale and our guide will help how to find a Siren Heart in this – currently – very buggy and often complicated quest. During this lengthy quest, you will be diving deep below the sea to search for Captain Jack Sparrow’s compass, which is aboard his legendary ship – The Black Pearl. The ship itself is chained at the bottom of the ocean and you will need to solve puzzles and battle the Sirens which are guarding it. This Siren Heart Sea of Thieves – Sunken Pearl Guide will tell you everything you need to know in case you are having problems finding a Siren Heart during this quest.

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Siren Heart Sea of Thieves - Sunken Pearl Guide

Where is Siren Heart in The Sunken Pearl Sea of Thieves

There are several points throughout this quest where you will need to find a Siren Heart and put it on a Siren Statue in order to proceed. These Hearts drop after you have dispatched all of the enemies – be they Ocean Crawlers or Sirens themselves. The problem arises since there can be several waves of these enemies and the Heart can end up floating somewhere where you cannot see it. This leaves players confused as to what they need to do next. The first Heart that you will need is in the cavern where the Mysterious Voice which was guiding you reveals herself to be evil. She will summon several Ocean Crawlers that you need to defeat. Once the final Crawler is dead, they will drop a Siren Heart. Pick this up, you will need it for the Statue Puzzle.

Where Are The Other Siren Hearts in The Sunken Pearl Sea of Thieves

The next Heart is on the top of the Cavern. After you get here, Ocean Crawlers will once again spring from the ground. When you have killed the last one, don’t forget to pick up the Heart it leaves behind. The final Heart is found outside, in the water. Here, the Siren Queen will have her Sirens attack you in the open water. This is a tough battle, because the Sirens can move quickly to dodge your shots. Once the final Siren is down, it will drop a Heart. Because of the frantic pace of the battle, you may not see that the Heart has even dropped. You will be able to spot it since it glitters even at a distance. Swim to it and snatch it up. Next, insert it into the Siren Statue next to the large gate in the shape of a face and you will be able to enter the Siren Citadel.

If you followed all the steps in our Siren Heart Sea of Thieves – Sunken Pearl Guide, you should now have all the Hearts in your possession. Also, if you are having problems with bugs in this quest, we recommend you read our Sunken Pearl Bug Solution guide.

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