Sea of Thieves Treasure Maps - Where to find, How to Read & Follow

Treasure maps are tools in Sea of Thieves. They’re used during voyages, to help you reach your destinations. A number of player seem to have problems with them, ranging from not knowing how to get new ones, to not knowing how to read the ones they already have. That’s why we’ve decided to write this Sea of Thieves treasure maps guide, to explain everything to those who are stuck.

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sea of thieves treasure map
Sea of Thieves Treasure Maps – Where to find, How to Read & Follow

Where to find treasure maps?

In order to get a treasure map, you’ll first have to start a voyage. This is done by visiting the desk in the captain’s cabin, the one without the naval chart. This is where you propose and choose which voyage to undertake. However, you’ll need to buy a voyage before you can tackle it. This is done by talking to the faction vendors in outposts. The early ones will be free, but as you progress, you’ll have to pay more and more for them.

How to read treasure maps?

Once you’ve picked a voyage, you’ll need to look at the treasure map in order to get to your goal. If you’re playing on a controller, pressing RB (the right shoulder button) will open up a radial menu with all the available maps. If you’re playing on a keyboard, pressing E will do the same. You can then use the analogue stick/mouse to choose the map you want to check out.

How to follow treasure maps?

Look at your treasure map and memorize the shape of the island. Then go to the naval chart in the cabin and find the island the map is pointing to. Figgure out where it is relative to your ship, then steer towards it. When you reach the island, pull up the map and start looking for the X. If you’re playing with a crew, you can turn the map around so that your teammates can see it.

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