Sea of Thieves Stuck on Opening Journal Error

Stuck on opening journal is one of the startup errors in Sea of Thieves. It got its name by the message people get when it traps them on the welcome screen. It seems like it’s pretty widespread – it has an entry on the game’s support site – but it’s also really easy to get around. If you’re experiencing this problem, you’ll be glad to know we’re going to explain the solution in our Sea of Thieves stuck on Opening Journal guide.

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sea of thieves stuck on opening journal
Sea of Thieves Stuck on Opening Journal Screen Error

How to solve stuck on opening journal issue?

The error manifests itself by trapping you on the title screen. We have no idea what’s causing it or what it actually does, but there are two ways to go around it. The unofficial solution is great for people who don’t like fiddling with stuff under the hood. If you fit the description, try just waiting it out. According to several reports, the game will let you in after six or so minutes. Brew yourself a mug of coffee or tea, take a quick shower, run down to the corner and get some snacks – find a way to kill around six minutes, and you’ll get past the title screen.

On the other hand, if you’re impatient but can handle some fiddling, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Press Windows+I (Windows being the idiotic button with the Windows logo that calls up the start menu when you least want it). This will open up the settings.
  2. Select Time & Language.
  3. Choose Region & Language.
  4. Change the default language to English (US) and the location to US.
  5. Restart your computer.

That’s the official solution, the one from the support site. After you’re done playing the game, make sure you return the settings to how they were initially, to avoid any potential issues.

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