Sea of Thieves Update 1.0.7 Still Causing Server Issues

The new update for Sea of Thieves is still causing trouble with the servers, despite emergency maintenance and the developers disabling some of the newly-introduced features. Hopefully, Rare will be able to fix the issues soon. Until then, the Open / Closed Crew option will be unavailable, as well as the invisible underwater gamer tags.

Sea of Thieves Update 1.0.7 Still Causing Server Issues
Sea of Thieves Update 1.0.7 Still Causing Server Issues

The new Sea of Thieves update, version 1.0.7, was supposed to add some pretty useful and interesting features. Among other things, the patch was going to bring private crews. Basically, that would allow your crew to lock your ship in such a way that nobody can be auto-matched with you. This would also but a bar on those players that have been grinding resources by randomly joining a crew and then just doing nothing while others do all the work. The update was also going to add some customization items, such as the Imperial Sovereign set ship and other stuff.

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Unfortunately, it appears that the new Sea of Thieves patch has been causing some pretty bad problems with the servers. According to the Sea of Thieves Twitter, AllmondBeard errors have been abound, causing the developers to temporarily turn off the new features, and dive straight into emergency maintenance. As of writing this article, they’ve completed the emergency maintenance, but the game is still experiencing issues. The Open / Closed Crew option is still unavailable; same goes for the invisible underwater gamer tags. The latest tweet, the game is “still experiencing server instability and players may experience issues.”

So, that’s the situation as it stands now. The game is playable, but the new features are unavailable. And you still have a chance to run into some server trouble. So, good luck, pirates, and here’s to hoping that Rare fixes all of this quickly.

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