Sekiro Coin Purse Locations - Heavy & Bulging

Coin purse is an item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It’s a consumable that drops money when you use it, and it doesn’t vanish when you die, so it’s a good way to protect your sen from disappearing. There are three sizes – light, heavy and bulging. The heavy one gives out 500 coins, while the bulging drops 1000. They’re pretty rare, and obviously, you’ll want to get them all. This guide is going to help you by showing Sekiro heavy & bulging coin purse locations.

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sekiro coin purse locations bulging heavy
Sekiro Coin Purse Locations – Heavy & Bulging

Bulging coin purse locations

You can get one from the Hirata Estate. Spawn at the Bamboo Thicket Slope idol, then turn around and head through the gate. Sneak through the flowers on the right and go behind the tower. Jump into the river and swim right. You’ll soon see a big branch growing from the cliff. Grapple onto it, then turn around and using the grappling hook again to get to the top of the cliff. Go around the building from the left side and sneak into the first corridor on the left. Follow it and you’ll reach a clearing with two spear-wielding monks.

The one in white patrols the area, and you can wait for him in hiding, killing him in one shot when he turns his back to you. The other one you can’t sneak up on – he’ll turn around last minute, even if you stay out of sight. You’ll need to fight him head on. Your best chance for success here is having the Mikiri Counter skill, as it allows you to parry thrusting attacks. When you defeat him, he’ll drop the bulging coin purse.

The next one is much easier to get. It’s in the Abandoned Dungeon, a secret area accessible through the Ashina Reservoir. Go to the well where you started the game. There should be a wounded warrior next to the entrance. Go inside, and head into the water. Swim all the way to the end, and a green icon will show you there’s a spot you can grab with your grappling hook. Climb up there, drop down, and you’ll enter the dungeon. Stay close to the wall on the right. After the drop, you’ll have to jump on a lower platform. You’ll find the purse there, next to a stalagmite.

Heavy coin purse locations

We found the first heavy coin purse in the Ashina Outskirts. Spawn at the Ashina Castle Fortress idol, then scale the wall next to it. You’ll see a ruined house in the courtyard. Get inside, and you’ll find the purse at the lowest level. As for the enemies, our suggestion is to use the walls and towers to drop onto unsuspecting foes and pick them off one by one.

This one is in Ashina Castle. After you’ve defeated Gyoubu Oniwa, spawn at the Ashina Castle idol. Stand on the bridge, next to the old lady, and grapple across the chasm. Go through the big wooden gate, onto the other bridge, and kill the two enemies there. One of them will drop the Gatehouse Key. Now to go Ashina Reservoir, the area from the prologue, and head to the building you sneaked under, the one across the courtyard from the Moon-viewing tower. Use the key to enter, and you’ll find a heavy coin purse on the floor to the right.

Another one you can get from the castle is near the Upper Town Antechamber idol. Jump out of the window and drop down to the water, then climb the platform on your left. Follow the path that opens up on the right, and you’ll run into two enemies. One of them is a spear-wielding monk in a black robe – he’ll drop the bag when you kill him.

Go back to the Upper Town Antechamber idol and head through the wooden double door into the big hall. Proceed into the room on the right, the one with the balcony. There are two armor stands in the far end of the room. Stand between them and hug the wall – it will reveal a secret chamber. When you approach the chest, you’ll see an item on the left. Break the screen behind it and you’ll find a heavy coin purse.

There’s also one in the Ashina Reservoir. Spawn at the idol, then go left past the wall to the ravine. Use the branches to get to the gate you used to escape in the prologue, past the bridge. Grapple onto the stump on the platform above it, and look for the bag in the corner, next to the door blocked by debris. You’ll have to take care of two rats, though, so be careful.

We’ll update the guide with any additional locations we discover. If you know of any we’re missing, feel free to share the knowledge in the comments.

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