Sekiro Flame Vent Location - How to Get Flamethrower Prosthetic Tool

Flame vent is a prosthetic tool in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It’s a flamethrower that does fire damage and applies the burn status to enemies. It’s also great for dealing with red-eyed enemies, as they have an aversion to being set on fire. In order to install it, you’ll need to find the flame barrel item. Some people are having trouble getting it, which is why we’ve written this Sekiro flame vent location guide.

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sekiro flame vent location
Flame Vent Location – How to Get Flamethrower Prosthetic Tool

Where to find flame vent prosthetic tool?

To get to Hirata Estate, where the flame barrel is hidden, you’ll have to get the Young Lord’s Bell charm from the old lady in Ashina Outskirts. She’s on the slope after the first mini boss, in the second house on the right. Take the charm to the Buddha statue in the Dilapidated Temple, and you’ll unlock the new area.

When you cross the bridge, climb over the gate and activate the Estate Path idol. Get up on the tower next to it, and you’ll see a plume of smoke on the right. Use the rooftops to get there, and you’ll discover a group of enemies around a bonfire. The barrel will be in the fire.

You can try to just jump in, get the tool and escape, but if you want to deal with the enemies, you should exercise caution. If you approach stealthily, you can kill the one on patrol without the others noticing. You can also deal with the dogs away from prying eyes, which leaves you with four nasties. From there, you can just drop-assasinate them one by one, hiding on the rooftops between kills so they lose interest. None of them are equipped with ranged weapons, but they will throw oil jars at you, which make you more likely to get the burn status if you receive fire damage.

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