Sekiro Truly Precious Bait - Pot Noble Quest

Truly precious bait is a key item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It’s a special kind of bait that contains hair, and there are two of them, both tied to the Pot Noble quest. There’s only one place where they come in useful, and only one way to get them. There’s a lot of confusion going around regarding these items and their use, which is why we’ve written this guide about Sekiro Truly Precious Bait.

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sekiro truly precious bait
Sekiro Truly Precious Bait – Pot Noble Quest

Where to find truly precious bait?

The only way to get truly precious bait is by giving enough carp scales to each of the Pot Noble merchants. Both Harunaga and Koremori will give you one, but only after you’ve left enough scales in their shop.

Although the items have the same name, you can tell them apart by the description. One mentions the Hirata Estate merchant, the other references the Fountainhead Palace merchant. It’s important to be able to tell them apart, because how you use them will affect the lives of the two vendors.

How to use truly precious bait?

In order to use the truly precious bait, you’ll have to go to Fountainhead Palace and reach the Feeding Grounds idol. Spawn at the Sanctuary, then head down the stairs to the building. Climb the roof and go to the far left corner. Use your grappling hook to reach the branch, then drop down onto the other roof. Another jump will put you atop the building right above the feeding platform.

Once you’re down, ring the bell and the Giant Carp will appear. You will get to choose which Truly Precious Bait to feed him. The merchant that supplied you with the bait you use will have his wish fulfilled, while the other one will disappear. Either way, you’ll get a Lapis Lazuli as reward, and the inventory of the missing merchant will be transferred to the one who won.

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  1. Q

    This guide flat out lies if you give the bait one noble vanishes and the other dies locking you out of any items you didnt already purchase. Its possible one lives if you give the hirata noble bait but i gave the one from fountain head as the guide clearly stated it wouldnt matter. This jackass didnt even bother testing them both. And just assumed they were the same and has now cheated me out of 2 lapis. Which there are only a limited amount per play through. Like seriously dude go fuck your self. If you didnt test both options just fucking say so prick. Anyone reading this PURCHASE ALL THE ITEMS BEFORE FINISHING THE QUEST. For all i know he didnt even finish the quest and both options kill both nobles.

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      We did our research thoroughly and doing the things in this guide does not impact your ability to get 2 lapis. The one that you say vanishes does not vanish. If you read the dialogues you would understand that he turns into a fish you can find bellow the cliff. You can talk to the fish and it is the same NPC merchant with his inventory intact. Only his form changed. The other one, when he dies, his inventory gets transferred to the first one so you can still buy all the stuff after doing the steps described in this article. We just tested this for the second time.

      1. B

        Hey im also having trouble findinf the transformed merchant. So where is this new fish?

      2. R

        Below which cliff can I speak to the fish? Both my pot nobles are gone and I can’t get those 2 lapis lazuli items they sell.

    2. J

      Way to overreact internet person.

    3. W

      100% false, you can still buy all unpurchased items from the new carp located near the pot of the npc you helped.

    4. B

      Um with how angry, insulting, and accusatory you were while cussing them out… are you going to apologize for being so very, very wrong? It was pretty aggressive and inflammatory, so I’m just wondering, being completely incorrect while also being such an asshole about it; you gonna sack up, apologize, and thank them for clearing it up for you?
      Of course not. Cuz it’s the internet, where you can pretend you’re not addressing people and can say/do whatever you want without ever owning it.
      I hope I’m wrong. Maybe you’ll be a decent person and admit you were wrong and acted like an asshole. But… kinda feel like that would’ve happened by now if it was going to.
      Ah well. Way to act like a child, then dodge responsibility for your baseless tantrum, also like a child.

  2. M

    The idol closest to reaching feeding ground for the first time is not sanctuary like this guide suggested, it should be Palace grounds Idol.

  3. J

    There’s a third bait in the waterfall by the house in mibu with the crazy drinking guy. Not sure what it does, since I’m not to the fountainhead yet.

    1. Q

      That just the “normal” bait to feed the Great Coloured Carp.

  4. T
    Thanatos Draga

    Can someone confirm this for me, i bought all the stuff from both merchants, gave the carp the bait and one of the guys changes.
    The guy that changed now asks for more scales cause he is too small. Did I mess something up by buying everything at once?

  5. B
    Byron Lee pollard

    Yeah i was pretty pissed off at first to. But i figured it out. After you pick up the whisker go back to the feeding grounds idol. Talk to him youll have the choice to give it to him or not if you do youll get a divine grass. Then leave go to another idol come back and youll find him dead with his daughter go up to him and youll get some more carp scales. Then fast travel to the Near Pot idol and look over the cliff by the blue.pot and youll see the fish. Jump in the water and talk to him and you finish trading your scales. This is where he will. Be from now on.

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