Shadow of Mordor Artifact locations guide - Udun Map

Artifacts are collectible items that you come across while wandering through Mordor. There are 42 Artifacts in total – 19 are hidden in Udun and 23 in the Sea of Nurnen zone.
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In order to see and collect an Artifact you have to enter the Wraith world, and then you will see it as a shining object. Each Artifact rewards you with 50 Mirian, currency used to unlock Attributes. Before you start searching for collectibles climb to the top of the tower, where you’ll see an anvil that you can hit with a hammer. This action will unlocking the Forge Tower in the region. After that all artifact locations will be marked on the map. Upon collecting them all you will unlock the Shadows of the Ancient Past achievement. In the list below you can find all Artifacts hidden on Udun map. For all artifact available on the second map Nurnen check out our guide Artifact locations guide – Sea of Nurnen Map

Barrows of Udun area

Serpentine Blade (9th on the Artifact List)
Coded Journal Entry #1 (17th on the List)

Durthang Keep area

Rusted Horn (6th on the List)

Durhang Wastes area

Graven Idol Representing Morgoth (2nd on the List)

Durthang Outskirts area

Grog Bowl (8th on the List)

Udun Crossing area

Pickaxe (7th on the List)
Basket Fragment (10th on the List)

West Garrison area

Musty Tome (12th on the List)
Horned Helmet (13th on the List)

East Garrison area

Excavator Cog (4th on the List)

The Black Road area

Hoe Blade (5th on the List)

Udun Foothills area

Strange Rock (3rd on the List)

The Black Gate area

Mortar and Pestle (1st on the List)
Iron Shackle (16th on the List)
Lockpick (18th on the List)

Uruk’s Hollow area

Branding Iron (19th on the List)

Uruk Proving Grounds area

Tattered Note (14th on the List)

Southern Udun Pass area

Ranger’s Reading Primer (11th on the List)

Ranger’s Cloak Clasp (15th on the List)


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