Shadow of Mordor Ithildin Locations Guide - Udun map

Ithildins are collectible items in Shadow of Mordor, which are represented in the game as ancient symbols that can be found carved into the stone and ruins of Mordor. Just like Artifact collectibles, these relics of the past can be acquired only when the player enters the Wraith world.
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Each individual piece rewards you with 50 Mirian, currency that you’ll spend while unlocking new Attributes. In total, players can collect 32 Ithildins – 16 in Udun and 16 in the Sea of Nurnen zone. When you unlock the Forge Tower, all Ithildin locations in the region will be visible to you. Upon collecting all ancient symbols you will unlock the Shadows Crowned with Living Light achievement.

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Barrows of Udun

Ivab gelebren
Nan iChir Gelair Mordor
di ‘weriennin anann

Durthang Keep


Durthang West

i achortha ivorn

Durthang Outskirts

puigadol dagor
Tridaeol chith efuin

Udun Crossing

Erio o thelaith gurth

West Garrison

Tri laich
Nathadhir edweginnin

The Black Road

Nu nam nin

Udun Foothills

Edwenno o gwath

The Black Gate

i naudhir edhil

Uruk’s Hollow

Ochedin Valannor
Natha Tognir in Ainn

Southern Udun Pass

i’Warth, dangernen


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