Shadow of Mordor Bow Legends Missions Guide

Shadow of Mordor Bow LegendIn order to upgrade the bow, players should complete 10 missions named Bow Legends. Once you complete them all your bow gets new markings.
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First five missions are available on the first map – Udun, while the rest can be completed on the second map – Sea of Nurnen. Completing all Legends will bring you 4,000 XP (400 each), 3,450 Mirian and additional 500 Mirian for bonus objectives (50 each).

An Elbereth Gilthoniel

Location: Central Udun, The Black Road Zone
Reward: 400XP, 200M
Main Objective: Kill all Archers
Bonus Objective: Kill 10 Uruks with Headshots

This mission starts/ends in a close vicinity of a brown tent. When you accept the mission, waves of Archers will rush towards the platform edges across from the tent. If you stay in the same place from where you accepted the quest, you will find yourself in a cross fire between two large groups. First you have to clear out the smaller group on the south. Once you kill them all wait for your focus to replenish. Use the nearby boulder to hide and kill the group coming from the north.

The Eye of Vengeance

Location: Eastern Udun, Southern Udun Pass
Reward: 400XP, 200M
Main Objective: Kill 5 Uruks with Arrows at Close Range
Bonus Objective: Complete within 1 minute

Before you start this mission, it would be good to Max Elf-Shot up resource upgraded from Attributes section (130 Mirian). Once the Uruks notice you, and group up, it’s the right time to bring them down.

The Storm of War

Location: Southern Udun, Southern Black Road Zone
Reward: 400Xp, 150M
Main Objective: Mount Caragor, Locate Uruk Scout Patrol and Kill 10 Uruk Scouts with Arrows while Riding
Bonus Objective: Complete within 5 minutes

As soon as you start the mission, Caragor will spawn just beneath you. After mounting the Caragorn, you’ll receive a new objective – locate Uruk Scout groups. Each group contains of 4 Uruks. At this point you should upgrade the first Max Elf-Shot up resource in Attributes section (130 Mirian). It gives you 6 shots in total. When you run out of arrows, drain the Caragor for more shots. Since this action drains Caragor’s health, keep him safe till the end. You can drain him twice before it dies.

Shadow Under Siege

Location: Southwestern Udun, Durthang Outskirts Stronghold
Reward: 400XP, 200M
Main Objective: Kill 10 Uruk Guards
Bonus Objective: Set 5 Uruks on fire

This is a pretty fun mission, due to the lack of space where you should complete mission objective. If you step out of the small circle marked on the minimap in the bottom left corner, the mission fails.” Make sure your ability Detonate is unlocked. This ability cause barrels and campfires to explode. Enter the Wraith mode to see all Uruk Guards, but shoot the barrels and campfires only when they approach them. When you release trapped Caragorn, nearby Uruk Guards will rush towards north and you’ll have a clear shot.

Swift Mercy

Location: Northwestern Udun, Barrows Of Udun Zone
Reward: 400XP, 250M
Main Objective: Kill 15 Uruks with Quick Shots in 30 Seconds
Bonus Objective: Kill 4 Uruks without leaving Focus Mode

This is the fastest Weapon mission, that can be completed in less than 30 seconds. Completing the main mission in 30 seconds time window means you don’t have to charge bow to max before releasing arrow.

The Secret Flame

Location: Southeastern Sea of Nurnen, Thang Talath Zone
Reward: 400XP, 450M
Main Objective: Enter the Cave, Lure Ghuls into the Barrows, Kill 50 Ghuls with Explosions
Bonus Objective: Only Detonate 5 Barrels

Once you accept the mission head south towards the cave entrance. Pass by but DON’T kill any Ghuls. In the southern part of the cave, you’ll find a hidden room full of fire barrels. Shoot at a barrel, when the Ghuls are around it. If you shoot barrels that are next to each other, they will both explode. Each group of Ghuls that chaises you, has 15 members.

Shadow and Flame

Location: Southern Sea of Nurnen, Fern Outskirts Zone
Reward: 400XP, 550M
Main Objective: Kill 30 Uruks with Barrel Explosions
Bonus Objective: Don’t get hit

When you accept the mission, groups of Archer Uruks will run towards you, and surround the platform you are standing on. It means you can’t move a lot if you want to complete bonus objective. Fire barrels are placed all around the platform. In order to complete bonus objective, refill your wraith bar, then use it to slow the time down and shoot the fire barrels.

There is no Escape

Location: Southern Sea of Nurnen, Fern Outskirts Zone
Reward: 400XP, 500M
Main Objective: Let no Uruk Cowards reach Fort Morn
Bonus Objective: Pin in place 3 Uruks

As soon as you start the mission, a Graug will start chasing a group of Uruk Cowards. In order to complete the bonus objective you’ll need Tier 2, Wraith ability – Pin in Place (Bow attacks aimed at an Uruk’s leg will pin him in place). Since there is not enough time even to complete the main objective, you’ll have to be extremely precise when aiming at their legs.

Jaws of Steel

Location: Northwestern Sea of Nurnen, Nurnen Peninsula Zone
Reward: 400XP, 500M
Main Objective: Kill 10 Uruk Guards without entering the stronghold
Bonus Objective: Use Caragors to kill Uruks

Since you have to kill Uruks without entering the stronghold, knock over 3 Caragron baits and the Caragorn will run towards the baits and kill Uruks. Take down remaining Uruk Guards, marked with yellow dots above their heads, (when you enter the Wraith mode).

The Spirit of Fire

Location: Northeastern Sea of Nurnen,
Special Requirements: Detonate and Fire Arrow abilities unlocked
Reward: 400XP, 450M
Main Objective: Kill 5 Uruks with Fire Arrows
Bonus Objective: Ignite 3 barrel stacks with Fire Arrows.

Fire Arrow is Tier 4 Wrath ability, Detonate is Tier 1 Wraith Ability. Mission objectives can be completed inside the ruins. Use Hit Strikes against the melee Uruks and shoot Fire arrows at the barrels near Archer Uruks.
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