How to earn Mirian, XP and Power in Shadow of Mordor

How to earn Mirian, XP and Power in Shadow of Mordor

While leveling up your character in the Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, players should focus on unlocking Abilities and maximizing Attributes. You can unlock 39 Abilities organized in 5 Tiers, and divided into two unique skill trees Ranger and Wraith. In order to unlock a new Ability (skill) you have to earn Power which will be used for unlocking Ability Tiers and XP for gaining Ability Points.

Mirian currency will be spent for unlocking Attributes, which increase your Health, Elf-shot, Focus, and unlocks Rune Slots on your weapons.

How to earn Power

The easiest way to earn Power is by killing Captains and Warchiefs and completing Power Struggles mission. Some of these missions can be easily completed – like Duel, Beast Hunt, Trial by Ordeal, Execution. Once you open the map and mouse over the Fast Travel Tower you can use option Advance Time, that accelerates in game time. It speeds up the happenings in Uruk society, completes the side quests that you might have submitted earlier.

How to earn Mirian and XP

  • Complete Survival and Hunting Challenges, collect Ithildin and Artifacts collectibles, complete bonus objective to gain Mirian currency.
  • Complete Main missions, kill enemies and harvest plants to get XP
  • Complete Outcast rescue missions and Weapon legends to gain both Mirian and XP.

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