Shadow of Mordor Hunting Challenges Guide

Hunting challenges are special side quests that require you to kill a certain type of creature for a reward in Mirrian. There are 10 hunting challenges available, one harder than the other. We give a short overview of each challenge and tactics for each creature, including screenshots and map locations for hard to find creatures.When in close vicinity of the creature, that has to be killed in order to complete a specific hunting challenge, the following message will pop up in the middle of your screen: “The beast you are hunting is nearby“. Killing the beast will also unlock an additional lore about it.

Once you manage to defeating all creatures you will complete Master of the Wilds Trophy / Achievement and collect 2100 Mirians in total.

Kill 3 Spiders

“Kill 3 Spiders” is the Hunting Challenge no. 1. These small creatures are usually hidden in bushes and caves, and it’s very hard to spot them. You will probably complete this hunting challenge by running through some bushes or while completing other missions, because you only have to step on the spider in order to kill it. But, if you’re still looking for them, you will find a large number of spiders inside a small cave in southwestern part of the first map (Durthang Wastes).

Gosu Tip: When you enter the Wraith World you’ll be able to spot the spiders much easier, and you can defeat them with arrows. Try not to enter the cave if you don’t want to fight with a huge beast.

Kill 5 Flying Creatures

Flying creatures – birds can be found near fast travel towers. They are hard to kill, since they move constantly. The easiest way to kill them is when you enter the Wraith world and use arrows to slow time down.

Kill 3 Caragors

Caragors can be found in cages around Orc strongholds (Durthang Outskirts Stronghold for example) or you can find them from time to time at the entrance to various caves of Mordor. I suggest you tame one of the Caragors and it will be much easier to kill the others while riding, because they do not attack other Caragors (and neither will they attack you riding one). You can also kill them with two bow headshots.

Kill 4 Rats

I found these in Durthang West inside various pits and underground passages. That whole area is filled with structures occupied by Orcs and you can find rats roaming around pits and between Cragors cages. Use your Wraith vision to spot them easier.

Kill 8 Ghuls

Ghuls only come out at night so make sure you hunt for them at night (you can progress time at forge towers on the map). There is a mission after you go to the second map with lots of ghuls so you can wait until you reach that point in the main story to complete this challenge. Otherwise go to South Black Road and there is a group of Ghuls spawning and respawning always in the same spot. Kill them and run away, then come back to kill enough for the challenge since they should respawn.

Kill 3 Bats

Bats can be found during the day at the entrances to any of the caves. Be careful as you approach the cave because they will almost immediately start flying away. Go into your wraith bow zoom mode and kill as many as you can while your focus lasts.

Kill 1 Graug

Graug are massive beasts (similar to trolls) and they can show up in the open world from time to time, but there is also a cave where one Graug resides most of the time. Your best chance to defeat these, very hard to kill, beasts is to have it fight nearby Orcs and you join in on the fray. If you shoot the Graug with your bow and hit him in the head with fully charged shot he becomes stunned and you can dish out a few slashes while he is like that. Be careful if you are fighting it alongside Orcs that they are not the one to kill it because you will not get credit for the challenge. You can also complete this hunting challenge during the story mission Hunting Partners where you will hunt Great White Graug, and learn how to kill and mount these creatures.

Kill A Dire Caragor

Dire Caragor can be found in a group with two-three standard Caragors and our best advice is to unlock Shadow Mount ability and mount Dire Caragor in order to kill it much easier. You can also complete this challenge during the story mission Great White Graug.

Kill a Ghul Matron

Ghul Matron appears only during the night. Go to South Black Road or Udun Crossing where a huge number of Ghuls spawm. Fight the Ghuls until a Matron emerges, but it’s important not to kill them all, leave 2-3 so they can dig more holes.

Kill a Horned Graug

This hunting challenge can be completed during the last story mission with Torvin Great White Graug, but you can also find them near Forge towers in Sea of Nurnen.

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