Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Sword Legends Missions Guide

Shadow of Mordor Sword LegendIn order to upgrade the legend of your sword, players should complete 10 missions named Sword Legends. Once you complete them all your sword gets new markings.
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Other than this “awesome” reward, completing 10 Sword Legend missions bring 4,000 XP (400 each), 3,500 Mirian and additional 500 Mirian for bonus objectives (50 each).

Into the Pit

Location: Eastern Udun, Uruk Proving Grounds Zone.
Special Requirements: None
Reward: 400 XP, 250 M
Main Objective: Defeat 50 Uruks
Bonus Objective: Reach a Hit Streak of 100

You’ll start the mission in a giant pit, where enemies constantly jump into the pit and their number gets higher and higher as we approach the end of the mission. Considering that you still haven’t unlocked higher ability tiers, it makes the mission bonus objective one of the hardest to accomplish. In order to complete Hit Streak of 100 bonus, you must finish the mission without taking any damage, and it can be done only if you swing your sword without a break. The best tactic is to keep going around in circles, close to the pit’s edges. If you get surrounded by enemies it will be hard to block.

Gosu Tip: Unlock the following abilities: Ranger Tier 2, first spell – Critical Strike; Ranger Tier 4, second spell Resilience; Ranger tier 5, first spell Critical Strike 2. Unlocking these abilities will make the bonus objective much easier. At least, unlock the first Critical Strike ability before starting this mission.


Location: Southeastern Udun, Southern Udun Pass Zone.
Special Requirements: Combat Drain Ability Unlocked
Reward: 400 XP, 250 M
Main Objective:Defeat 40 Uruks
Bonus Objective: Combat Drain 5 Uruks

After unlocking Wraith tier 2 ability Stealth Drain you’ll be able to unlock Combat Drain skill. This mission starts inside a cave. It’s very important to use Combat Drain Ability as soon as possible. If you get overwhelmed by the enemies feel free to set on fire nearby campfires, barrels with Detonate ability. Save arrows for Uruks with shields.

Nameless Things

Location: Southern Udun, Udun Crossing Zone.
Special Requirements: Wraith Flash Ability Unlocked.
Reward: 400 XP, 150 M
Main Objective: Clearn 3 Ghul nests and kill Ghul Matron
Bonus Objective: Kill 10 Ghuls with a single Wraith Flash

Flash ability (Wraith tier 2, no. 3 spell) is unlocked during the main mission Shattered Memories. This is the mission where you follow the Gollum and end up killing numerous Ghuls. Enter the nearby cave and start slashing down those Ghuls. Save Hit Streak charges for the moments when you are surrounded by Ghuls, in order to complete bonus objective successfully. When you start fighting Ghul Matron, try keeping him on distance, because his attacks will make you lose Hit Streaks. Keep away from him until you collect enough Hit Streaks for Wraith Flash. Use it near him, or just use arrows to shooting him down.
Gosu Tip: Use the flowers inside the cave to regain your health.

Cutting the Lines

Location: Southwestern Udun, Durthang West Stronghold.
Special Requirements: None
Reward: 400 XP, 150 M
Main Objective: Kill all of the Trainees
Bonus Objective: Melee Execute Uruk

Trainees can be found in a nearby stronghold. Use your Hit Streaks as soon as possible to complete Bonus Objective. As you kill Trainees, they will be replaced with other Uruks, that are not a part of the main objective. This is the best time to use the arrows and kill the rest of Trainees. They distinct from other Uruks with a yellowish skin color. Use the bow and you can spot them easier.

The Fell Beast

Location: Northwestern Udun, Barrows of Udun Zone.
Special Requirements: Ride Caragors Ability Unlocked
Reward: 400 XP, 150 M
Main Objective: Kill 3 patrolling Guards
Bonus Objective: Kill 5 Uruks with Caragor Bite Attacks.

Ride Caragors is the last ability in Wraith tier 1. When you start the mission, Caragorn spawns just beneath your location. This comes pretty handy since you have only 3 minutes to complete the objective. Head towards the Patrolling Guards locations as fast as possible. In order to complete bonus objective you have to kill 5 Uruks near patrolling Guards, while mounted on Caragorn. When the enemy is on the ground use Caragorn Bite ability to finish it.

The Darkness Within

Location: Northeastern Sea of Nurnen, Cab-Gwanath Bluff Zone
Special Requirements: –
Reward: 400 XP, 550 M
Main Objective: Kill 3 Elite Guards
Bonus Objective: Kill 25 Uruks

This is probably the easiest sword legend mission to complete, if you are not chasing bonus objective. Stronghold where mission takes place has a large variety of fire barrels and Caragorn cages, that you can use in your favor. Elite Guards can be taken down with one precise head shot arrow.

They Shall Not Pass

Location: Northeastern Sea of Nurnen, Tol Crossing Stronghold
Special Requirements: –
Reward: 400 XP, 550 M
Main Objective:Let no Uruk Torchbearers cross the bridge
Bonus Objective: Throw 3 Uruks over ledges

This is probably the most funniest sword legend to complete. While preventing Uruk Torchbearers from crossing the bridge, you should also stay alive during a 4 minute timer. Uruk Torchbearers can be easily spotted among other Uruks, since they have torches and quest marks above their heads. There are many additional items like barrels that you can use against Uruks. On the other hand, bonus objective is much harder to complete since you have to throw 3 Uruks off the bridge.
Gosu Tip: Keep in mind that leaving the small mission area marked on the map will result with mission failure.

The Dark Rider

Location: Western Sea of Nurnen, Celon Poros Zone
Special Requirements: –
Reward: 400 XP, 450 M
Main Objective: Mount the Caragor and kill 3 Uruks executioners
Bonus Objective: Kill 5 Uruks with Caragor Bite Attacks

When you start the mission a Caragon will appear in your close vicinity. Keep in mind that mission has a 210 second timer. Bonus Objective is the same one as you completed during The Fell Beast sword legend mission. Use sword attack while riding Caragorn to knock down Uruks, then Caragorn Bite attack to finish them off. Keep Caragorn safe, or he’ll die easily. Don’t rush towards the group of enemies.

The Red Tide

Location: Northwestern Sea of Nurnen, Nurnen Peninsula Stronghold.
Special Requirements: –
Reward: 400 XP, 500 M
Main Objective: Kill 5 Uruks Guards and leave the Fishing Village
Bonus Objective: Melee Execute Defenders

Uruk Guards can be found around the Fishing Village, and all you have to do is clear the Uruks from the docks. Uruk Defenders are the one with the shield. In order to complete bonus objective Melee Execute Defenders build up Hit Streaks on other Uruks and use combat finisher on Defenders.

Power of the One

Location: Southern Sea of Nurnen, Fort Morn Stronghold
Special Requirements: Combat Drain and Dispatch Abilities Unlocked
Reward: 400 XP, 500M
Main Objective: Make 10 Uruks kill each other by branding them, Eliminate all Branded Uruks
Bonus Objective: Combat Drain 5 Uruks

Once you accept the mission brand nearby Uruk Hunters and let them kill other Uruks. In order to complete the bonus objective you have to unlock Combat Drain, Wraith – Tier 3 spell.