How to Start New Game in Skull and Bones, Can You Restart Progress?

Wondering how to start a New Game in Skull and Bones, and can you restart your progress in the game? In this open world action-adventure, you will sail the high seas, and become a legendary pirate. To accomplish this, you will need to perform all manner of tasks – from getting your own ship, fighting other pirates, finding hidden treasure, and more. But what to do if you want to start the game from the beginning, potentially with a brand-new character? Is this even possible to do? In this guide, we’re going to see how this process works in Skull & Bones.

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How to Start New Game in Skull and Bones, Can You Restart Progress
How to Start New Game in Skull and Bones, Can You Restart Progress?

How to Start Over in Skull and Bones – Can You Restart Progress?

To quote the developers and what they said about this: “Your progress for Skull and Bones is saved automatically. As such, it is not possible to reset your progress or start a new game.” So, sadly, it isn’t possible to restart your progress this way. Basically, the way that this works in the game is that you are constantly making progress and this progress is saved automatically. Because of that, you can’t choose between loading different save game positions (there’s only one save at all times), or restarting the game.

The only way that you can restart in the game is by creating a new Ubisoft account. For PC players, this isn’t too big of an issue, and you can easily do this. However, if you are playing Skull and Bones on PlayStation, this is much harder to do. The reason this is the case is because your Ubisoft and PlayStation Network Account are linked, and you can’t unlink them from your end. Because of that, you will need to contact Ubisoft Support for further assitance with this problem.

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