Skull and Bones Open Beta Rewards Missing

If your Skull and Bones open beta rewards are missing and you don’t know what’s happening, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we are going to explain why you didn’t get those items yet, and what you’ll need to do to redeem them once the right time comes. Let’s begin!

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skull and bones open beta rewards missing
Skull and Bones Open Beta Rewards Missing

Skull and Bones Open Beta Rewards Missing Explained

The Skull and Bones open beta rewards are missing because the full launch hasn’t happened yet. Remember, we’re now in the three-day early access period now, for those who have bought the Premium Edition of the game. And while that’s going on, it seems that you won’t be getting any of your open beta rewards. Those will unlock on February 16th. You will get access to at least some of the items from the Premium Edition, such as the Ballad of Bloody Bones Collection. So, you will be able to flex your stuff at least somewhat, but if you’re looking to signal your Open Beta participation, you’ll have to wait until the full launch.

How to Redeem Skull and Bones Open Beta Rewards

As far as we know, you won’t have to do anything particular to redeem the open beta rewards. They should automatically unlock after the full launch happens (and you download and install it, of course). All of the progress you made in the open beta should carry over, too. And by the way, these are the milestones you needed to hit to earn the open beta prizes (the window closed on February 11th):

  • Sir Reginald Grim Sail Emblem ship cosmetic – Earn Infamy level 2
  • Tarred Sail Pattern ship cosmetic – Earn Infamy level 4
  • Sign Language emote – Earn Infamy level 6
  • Cookie The Lemur pet – Use a Medium Ship
  • Basilisk I Culverin weapon – Participate in a World Event (like Merchant Convoy or Elite Captains
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