Sons of The Forest Hotkeys & Quick Slots

Not sure how to assign items and weapons to hotkeys in Sons of The Forest? Or how to add items to the Hotbar and Quick Slots? Sons of The Forest, the long-awaited sequel to the highly popular survival horror The Forest, is finally here. While it builds upon foundations established by its extremely successful precursor, it also brings many new features and wants to build its own identity. In this guide, we explore if there’re Quick Slots in Sons of The Forest and if you can assign weapons to hotkeys.

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Sons of The Forest Assign Items to Hotkeys & Quick Slots
Sons of The Forest Hotbar Quick Slots

How to Assign Items to Hotkeys and Quick Slots in Sons of The Forest Assign

UPDATE: The developers have released the first hotfix for Sons of The Forest Assign. Among other things, the patch added hotkeys to the game. Check out the full patch notes.

So, is there a hotbar in Sons of The Forest? Let’s not mince our words here. Unfortunately, to the best of our knowledge, at the moment, there doesn’t seem to be an option to assign items to hotkeys on a hotbar in Sons of The Forest. At least at the start of the game, as we’re only two hours in. It works a bit differently here.

Namely, for the quick-select menu, you will need to hold the “I” taster. This will open your backpack for the quick-select menu, where you will be able to hotkey only some items, but not all of them. Currently, you are not allowed to assign weapons to hotkeys in the quick-select menu. Again, at least not for now, as we are two hours into the game. Here’s how to set up your inventory backpack:

  • Open the main inventory mat.
  • Right-click on your backpack at the top right.
  • Select what you want to have on the backpack.
  • These items will appear in your quick-select menu when you hold “I”.

However, Sons of The Forest quick slots are currently not working properly, as numerous players report it on Discord and Reddit. One player reports that “there’s a glitch if you try to open your quick slots.” Allegedly, the game will bug out and crash. Hence, be careful when opening your backpack, as it might glitch out and break your game. We will update our “Sons of The Forest Assign Items to Hotkeys & Quick Slots” guide once we have more information.

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