How to Build Tent, Place Tarp & Sleep in Sons of the Forest

Learning how to place a tarp, build a tent and sleep in Sons of the Forest is a very high priority. After all, sleeping is important for your character to stay healthy. So, how do you go about all this? Don’t worry, we are going to walk you through the whole process. Here we go.

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how to build tent place tarp & sleep in sons of the forest
How to Build Tent, Place Tarp & Sleep in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest Place Tarp, Build Tent, Sleep

In order to build a tent and sleep in Sons of the Forest, you first need to place a tarp on the ground. That’s how you save the game, too, so it’s very much a priority. So, first off, you need to get a tarp. You can obtain them by opening the containers and luggage that washes ashore after the crash. Once you have a tarp, take it out of your inventory and hold it in your hands. Then, look down on the ground. If you’re on a piece of flat land, you’ll see an outline of the tarp. You can then use Q and R to rotate it and left-click to actually put it down. That’s the first step, and definitely not the hardest to figure out.

After you place the tarp in Sons of the Forest, you have to actually build a tent before you can sleep (and save your game). How do you do that? Well, you need to gather some sticks. Take out your axe and cut down one of the young, thin trees. Don’t bother with fully grown ones. You’ll need two sticks to make the tent. Equip a stick and approach one of the corners of the tarp. A little arrow will appear on the tarp itself. Click to put the stick so it holds the corner up. Then, go to another corner and do the same thing. Boom, you can now sleep and save your game.

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