How to Make Stairs Sons of the Forest

You might have some trouble figuring out how to make stairs in Sons of the Forest. Perhaps you’ve built the frame exactly as the guidebook told you to, but you end up with a ramp instead. That’s not what you wanted. What’s going on here? How do you actually craft stairs in Sons of the Forest? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

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how to make stairs sons of the forest
How to Make Stairs Sons of the Forest

How to Make Stairs in Sons of the Forest

To make or stairs in Sons of the Forest, you are going to need about nine logs. First, place two logs so that they are standing vertically, then lay a third one on top. Basically, make the shape of a doorway. Then, pick up two more logs. Look at one of the top corners of the “doorway” until an arrow appears. It should point diagonally down. That’s where you need to place one of the logs you’re holding. Repeat the process on the second top corner. You know have a frame which you can turn either into a ramp or stairs. Chop the remaining logs into halves, since those will be the actual steps.

The next step to craft or make stairs in Sons of the Forest is to pick up all of those log halves (or as many as you can) and look at one of the diagonal logs. You’ll see an arrow appear. If the arrow is vertical (as in, the prongs of the arrowhead are not lying flat), you will make a ramp. To change this, simply right-click. The arrow should now be lying flat. Place one log as a test to see whether it’s facing the correct way. If it is, then simply place the rest of the steps until the stairs are complete. That’s all there is to it; that bit with the position of the arrow is really the biggest potential stumbling block.

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