Sons of the Forest Arm Door Key

If you don’t know how to open the Arm Door in Sons of the Forest, we’ve got you covered! The titular forest in Sons of the Forest is filled to the brim with mysterious locations and gateways, which lead to some hidden and more sinister locales. If you don’t know where to find the Arm Door Key, read on. In this guide, we explain how to unlock the Golden Hand Seal Door in Sons Of The Forest.

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Sons of the Forest Arm Door Key
How to Unlock the Golden Hand Seal Door in Sons Of The Forest

How to Open Arm Door Sons of the Forest

Like the original game, Sons of the Forest is rather weird. You will stumble across many bizarre locations and creatures during your trekking adventures there. Most of them are hidden deep in caves, tunnels and bunkers. For example, the Golden Hand Seal Door can be found in a bunker near the northeast coast. Check out our map below for the exact location. And, of course, in the image, you can see exactly how it looks.

Given that this bunker is a deluxe area, you’ll need to find a VIP Keycard in order to enter there. Once inside, head slowly towards the very bottom of the bunker. Of course, make sure to check everything and grab every item you can. You’ll find a lot of useful things inside, as well as some story-related moments, so keep your eyes open. Eventually, you’ll reach a luxury bathroom near the bottom of this VIP area, with a broken wall through which steam escapes. Pass through that steamy opening, and you’ll enter a small cave with the Golden Hand Seal Door, aka the Arm Door.

However, how to actually open this Arm Door? You will need the Golden Set Armour to unlock the Sons of the Forest Arm Door! Check out our dedicated guide on how to get the Golden Armor set in Sons of the Forest.

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