Sons of the Forest Tech Armor

The tech armor in Sons of the Forest is what one could call a medium-type armor. It will give you a decent amount of protection, about on par with the bone armor, give or take. It looks pretty cool, too; kinda sleek and with a nice pattern. In this guide, we are going to show you how to get the tech armor, which crafting resources you’ll need, etc.

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sons of the forest tech armor
Sons of the Forest Tech Armor

How to Get Tech Armor Sons of the Forest

To get the tech armor in Sons of the Forest, you have to gather the right crafting resources. The combination makes no sense for what the end result is, and it’s perfect. It just adds to the tone of the game, which is always just verging on being silly. Anyways, you need to gather one Tech Mesh, one Circuit Board, one packet of Batteries, one roll of Duct Tape and one coil of Wire. Place all of these items on the mat and click the cog in the top right to make the armor itself. The necessary ingredients are not too difficult to obtain, so long as you carefully loot every single container and body you come across.

The only real problem when trying to get the Sons of the Forest tech armor is the Tech Mesh. As far as we can tell, the only way to get your hands is to use the 3D printer. Yes, there’s a 3D printer in this accursed hellhole, and it’s right on the desk where you find the Maintenance Keycard. If you don’t know where that is, don’t worry; we’ve written a separate guide showing you how to get the Maintenance Keycard, so give that a read. The printer can make a bunch of other stuff, too, so it’s worth paying multiple visits to. As for the Tech Armor itself, you’d think the batteries would be used to power it in some way, perhaps giving you extra protection or something, but nope! It’s just a regular brace. I love it.

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