Sons Of The Forest Maintenance Keycard

Not sure where to find the Maintenance Keycard in Sons Of The Forest? We’ve got you covered! The Forest sequel is here, filled to the brim with secrets just waiting for us to discover them. This guide explains how to get the Maintenance Keycard and where to use it.

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Sons Of The Forest Maintenance Keycard
Sons Of The Forest Maintenance Keycard Location

Where to find the Maintenance Keycard in Sons Of The Forest

While a large part of Sons Of The Forest is set in primordial wildness and rudimentary manmade locations, that’s not exactly everything that the forest hides. With that said, now is the perfect time to warn you – there will be minor spoilers ahead! Hence, if you don’t want to get spoiled, stop reading now. The very fact that there’s a keycard in this game means that not everything is just trees, camps, and huts. There are some far more advanced locations with modern technology.

Hence, you need to find one such location to find the keycard. First, go to the northwestern part of the map. The location we’re searching for is just northwest of the mountain range in the middle of the map. A river there descends from the mountain and goes to the sea in the north of the map. Check out our map below for the exact location.

Second, when you arrive there, you’ll find a Digsite point of interest. It’s situated between the two cannibal camps, located downstream and upstream of the Digsite. Given the situation, you should be careful. Finally, grab the shovel, check out your GPS for the exact location of the Digsite, and start digging. Eventually, you’ll dig out the Maintenance A entrance. Open the hatch and head inside.

Once inside, go through the tunnel and follow the music. This music is heard from some kind of common living room with a kitchen. Grab everything you can from the tunnel and the room. Finally, you will find the Maintenance Keycard on a table with a 3D printer.

Where to Use Maintenance Keycard in Sons Of The Forest

Now that you have the Maintenance Keycard, you’re probably wondering where to use it. You will need to go to the opposite side of the map. There’s a cave entrance near a big lake, immediately southeast of the mountain. Check out our map below for the exact location. However, that’s not a typical cave. Rather, it’s another “modern” location.

Enter the cave, go straight through it, and you’ll eventually stumble upon manmade tunnels. And one of the doors inside these tunnels will require the Sons Of The Forest Maintenance Keycard if you want to unlock it. And that’s about all you need to know. We will stop here, as we don’t want to spoil the story and what happens next here. You’ll have to find out for yourself! If you need visual instructions, check out this video guide from Syrekx.

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