Sons of The Forest Virginia Keeps Running Away

If Virginia keeps running away from you in Sons of The Forest, you’re not alone. And we’re not talking just about the forest. Many players are experiencing the same “problem” and don’t know what to do with Virginia in order to keep her close. Here’s what we know about it.

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Sons of The Forest Virginia Keeps Running Away
Sons of The Forest Virginia Keeps Running Away

Virginia Keeps Running Away Sons of The Forest

Let’s clear one thing out straight from the start – Virginia running away, even if befriended, is perfectly normal. If you don’t know how to befriend her, check out our “How to Get Virginia” guide. Nonetheless, it is essential to note that she will keep running away occasionally, even after you befriend her.

“Why is Virginia always running away from my camp? She is tamed and even has a gun, but she still goes away,” asks Reddit user Commercial_Salary557. One of the main reasons for this to happen is her being scared. This usually occurs due to her being hit in a fight against cannibals. Or even worse, you could accidentally hit her without even knowing. Hence, make sure that she’s well protected and try not to get her hurt.

However, asides from her intended runaways, she also has quite a few bugs which will make her disappear. Oftentimes she will follow you “behind a day”. She will be at the location where you were the previous day, often waiting for you there. This is likely a bug in her behaviour, and hopefully, it will be addressed in the next patch.

There’s also a bug with her tracker, which will randomly appear and disappear when she despawns and respawns. An important thing to note is that she can not be killed by cannibals when she’s alone and not near you, so don’t worry. She’s safe. And that’s all you need to know about this issue. If you don’t want Virginia to keep running away, try not to get her scared or accidentally wounded.

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