How to Get Virginia Sons of the Forest, Befriend Virginia

Sons of the Forest boasts several improvements over its predecessor. One of the biggest changes is the addition of companions. There are currently two companions that we know of. One of these is Kelvin, a soldier and fellow survivor of the helicopter crash. The other companion is far more interesting. Her name is Virginia, and she is a female mutant with three legs and three arms. For the purposes of this guide, we are going to focus specifically on befriending Virginia and explain how to get Virginia in Sons of the Forest – the 3 legged woman.

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How to Get Virginia Sons of the Forest
How to Get Virginia Sons of the Forest, Befriend Virginia

How to Get Virginia in Sons of the Forest, befriend Virginia

Before you can befriend Virginia as a companion in Sons of the Forest, there are a couple of things that have to be done. While Kelvin will be available right from the start of the game, you’ll come across Virginia after playing the game for a few hours, but she will run away. Also, it appears that Kelvin and Virginia are complete opposites in terms of character. While he seems very loyal and straightforward, Virginia is more akin to a cat. This means that she is independent and requires a lot more active effort from the player if you want to recruit her.

You’ll spot Virginia for the first time as part of the first mission where you have to find team B. You won’t be able to unlock this mutant girl right away. You will need to be kind to her to get her to trust you. So you definitely shouldn’t act aggressively towards her, or you might lose your chance of getting her as a companion. Every time you see this 3 legged woman just walk towards her with nothing in your hands. It’s important to holster your weapon or any other item from your hands by pressing G. Since companions can do lots of things for you, such as helping you out in combat, being friendly with her is something that you should obviously want to do. Once you befriend her you can give her a shotgun and pistol. Also, you can get some new clothes for her like Virginia’s Dress or Camo Suit.

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